A few ideas considering the flower girl and the ring bearer’s outfits!

Because usually everything goes in pair (bride and groom, prince and princess, mother and father, and so on) we have considered that would be nice if we would present you some ideas, regarding the flower girl and ring bearer’s outfits. So, prepare for something, cute, adorable and lovely, but at the same time elegant, sophisticated and serious apparel. Also before purchasing their outfits, you should have decided on the theme of your wedding, because their apparel must match the style of your nuptials, in order to help at creating a fantastic wedding background.

Our first suggestion concerns your outdoor wedding. Because this is a casual ceremony, their outfits must also be informal. So, for your flower girl you may choose: a dress, with a beautiful white bodice and a long and stylish purple skirt. This beautiful dress is accessorized with an adorable flower and a ribbon at the waist, adding a glamorous touch to your flower girl’s look.

As far as the boy is concerned, he may wear a: modern apparel, containing a suit, knee socks and a pair of shoes. Concerning the colour it may be whatever nuance you like: white, black, blue, and so on, but it would be better to choose a bright colour, since a child will wear the outfit.

On the other hand, if you desire a formal wedding ceremony, the way in which they will be dressed is completely different from what we have presented previously. For instance, the boy will wear a black tuxedo, a shirt, a tie and an elegant pair of shoes. In other words, he must have the whole package in order to be suitably dressed for your luxurious wedding ceremony.

The elegant young lady could wear a satin dress, a headband, and a glamorous pair of shoes. Like we’ve mentioned before, try to choose a light colour for her outfit, such as: pink, yellow, bright blue, or even white, because you must highlight her beautiful naturalness!

Therefore, consider the option of matching the flower girl and the ring bearer’s apparel with the style and theme of your nuptials, because at your wedding everything must be perfectly organized!