Where can I Find Bridal Flip Flops

bridal flip flops

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Plenty of brides are asking, “Where can I find bridal flip flops?” and bridal shoe designers are responding with some fantastic designs for the coming season.  Bridal flip flops are a natural choice for beach weddings and they’re a practical and comfortable choice to wear at the reception no matter what the venue.

Bridal Flip-Flops

Lori Dunn, owner of Bellissima Bridal Shoes added bridal flip flops to her website several years ago. “At first I resisted the idea because I thought flip flops were just too casual.” says Dunn “The quality of the silk and satin and the beautiful embellishments changed my mind. Now we work with lots of gals who buy a pair of pumps or slingbacks for the ceremony and a pair of bridal flip flops for the party afterward.”

bridal flip flops

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If you decide bridal flip flops are too casual, consider a slide or a mule with a low heel. The slip-on style strikes a nice balance between comfort and elegance.

bridal flip flops

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Let us, and other brides, know how or why you wore bridal flip flops to your wedding by posting your comments below.

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  1. Tanya - Naperville fitness equipment

    Having recently been a bride, I have to say that flip flops or flats make a world of difference! It’s a long day so why not go easy on your feet? I switched into some cute flats for the reception and I doubt anyone even noticed since my dress was so long.

    If you’re getting married, purchase a pair or flip flops or flats and if you choose not to use them, no big deal since they are usually pretty cheap, but if your feet start to hurt, you’ll be thankful you have them!

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