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Picking the Dress: What to Look For in Maternity Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Updated: June 13, 2017

Between zippers, silk, taffetta, short skirts and zero support for your cleavage, it’s hard being a bridesmaid and an expecting mom. The stress of fitting in your dress, at all, once the big day arrives, let alone comfortably, is a problem every right-hand-lady with a baby in her belly faces.

If you’re a bride who’s looking for a dress to suit one of your bridesmaids who is waiting on her baby’s big arrival, or you’re a bridesmaid with a bump doing a bit of shopping around, we’re here to give you some quick tips of what to look for in a maternity dress that’s not only flattering but wedding-worthy and appropriate for your ever-growing tummy. From the silhouette to the size, there are several areas to pay attention to when sifting through wearable options.

maternity bridesmaids dresses: what to shop for

Dress Type, Cut, & Length

Thankfully, there are lots and lots of options out there when it comes to deciding on a bridesmaid’s dress. Whether you want a more traditional style or something with a contemporary cut, here are some things to take into consideration when choosing a design.


Unless you’re having your dress made, be prepared to look at size charts. Don’t assume the same size dress you wore before you were pregnant is the same size you’ll be wearing now. Maternity sizes vary greatly so make sure you’re taking your measurements correctly and thinking ahead about your adding inches.

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Go for flow and empire waists. A-line gowns fit every shape and every size on the wheel of body types – and that includes ones with babies in their bellies.

An empire waistline will keep you comfortable, secure in how you feel and fit your bump without flaunting everything else that’s going along with it.

A fuller skirt, a skimming waistline and the right support for your (also growing) chest, will make you feel like a bridesmaid without skimping on style.


You may not have a choice when it comes to the color you’ll be wearing at your best friend’s wedding, but as long as the fabric is thick enough and layered appropriately, you should be ready to go. Of course, the darker the hue the less noticeable the bump if you’re insecure about sticking out among the crowd or in the front of the bride during photo-ops.

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Unless you want to show off every curve and nook of your changing body, stick with fabrics that move. Chiffon and silk chiffon are two that look whimsical, romantic and can blend in with any type of wedding style – from modern to eclectic. These are also the type of fabrics that make empire waist silhouettes that much more magical and “pretty.”

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Other Things to Consider When Wearing the Dress

Aside from the style, there are a few other things to consider when you’ve got a bridesmaid – or two – who may be expecting. Here are a couple other bullet points to think through!


Ladies, this is important. Be prepared to get some new bras and undies. Face it, your body is changing and you’ll want to be supported and smooth out underneath your dress. From maternity spanx to bras that hold up anything you need them to, shop until you find the right fit – you’ll thank us later.

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It’s truly most important that the mom-to-be is comfortable in the dress. Trying things on and listening to her unique opinion on how things fit, feel and look is key to making your bridesmaid happy. Some expecting moms may be fine in a fitted style while others will want something loser, pregnancy is hard so don’t expect her to bend on comfort.

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