Latest trends in bridal veils

Trying to find the perfect dress for you most perfect and beautiful day but not must forget about the wedding veil. You will say maybe that the veil is not very fashion nowadays, it is true that we have seen lots of  bridal gowns without veil , but I don´t know, I really think that the veil emphasizes better the beauty of the bride.

The wedding veil has its origin in ancient Rome; it had a mystical tradition because it is said that the bride had to wear the veil in order to protect herself from the bad spirits. If many years ago you couldn’t find a wide variety of veils, nowadays you can find so many models like, long, shorts, net veils, made of silk, satin, lace and so on.
Let’s start talking about the long veils which  are very common, and you have to admit that this type of veils gives to the bride plenty of elegance. If you are a very traditional bride, you can wear the veil over the face at least until you get to the church.

There are many types of long wedding veils ; you can find simple veils, veils accompanied by flowers, by a small brooch or embroidery veils. I think that the short veil gives to the bride a slightly touch of vintage style. The most common are those made of net, and are always accompanied by a flower or a jewelry.

For those who just simply do not want to wear a veil on her wedding, here you have an idea, the truth is that is easy for you, maybe  you will fell more relaxed and with types of accessories you can choose almost any hairstyle you want.

Accessories like tiaras and brooches,will help the bride to have a very simple but elegant style. There are tiaras and brooches with pearls, sapphires, Swarovski crystals and they fit with any kind of hairstyle, for short and long hair. Depending on your hairstyle you cannot choose any kind of veil or tiara. If you have long hair and you have decided for a simple hairstyle you can take as example Jennifer Anniston’s wedding veil, it was simple, classic and elegant.

If you have short hair, there are also many models, the most perfect is the vintage one, or you can only use a tiara or a brooch.

You can also choose a hat instead of the veil; it gives you a very glamorous style, just take care because you cannot choose any kind of hat; it depends a lot of what kind of dress you are going to were, also it depends on the hairstyle you are going to have and on the accessories you are going to wear. If what you are looking for is something very glamorous, Cathrin D´Entremont or Carolina Herrera could be the perfect solution.