Ivory Wedding Gown, White Flowers? Dress Color Vs. Decoration Colors

Can I Wear An Ivory Wedding Dress & Have White Flowers?

I have picked out and purchased my wedding gown. It is ivory. If my dress is ivory, can I have white flowers and other white decorations or should I plan for them to be ivory as well? Can I mix ivory and white decor?

Irina Feygin,
IMpeccable iMage, Inc. Image and Beauty and For Princess Bride

You absolutely can! White flowers will look lovely with ivory dress, however other decorations should coordinate and have either both colors or more of ivory and warm pastels. Enjoy the wedding!

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Donna, Wedding Queen

You can mix, but you have to be careful when mixing whites and ivory color. When choosing whites, make sure they have more of a warm undertone than a cool undertone so there isn’t a huge, stark difference, making the ivory look dingy. Take fabric swatches shopping and put the colors up against one anther to get the full effect. I’m sure your florist will assist you in the color selections.

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Silk Flower Specialist and Floral Planner at afloral.com Online Bridal Florals, Supplies and Gowns

Many brides are choosing to wear shades other than white on their wedding day. You can most certainly incorporate any flowers you want in your bouquets and decor, however I agree with the Wedding Queen in the idea that your flowers should have a warm undertone. Ivory is a warmer color than white, which is why many brides choose it. If you choose flowers that are a pure, shining white, they may not compliment your gown. Choosing flowers that are off-white, or a warmer eggshell color will work out better for you and compliment your dress. I’ve attached a picture for you from weddingbee.com that shows an ivory or champagne dress with some gorgeous off-white tulips. Congratulations on your wedding!

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Joyce C Smith, MBC, President and owner of Weddings Unlimited

You go for it! Mixed shades of white make for a beautiful look.

Angie Zimmerman, Wedding & Special Event Flower Designer

Hi Kscott! I’m so glad you asked this question. The general rule of thumb is NOT to use white flowers with an ivory dress because the white against the ivory can make your dress look dirty. However, you can mix white and ivory together and avoid that “dirty” look. There are many shades of white and ivory, believe it or not! It would be best for you to bring a fabric swatch from your dress to your florist so he/she can make sure and use the right tones of white or ivory flowers for your dress.