mens wedding ring
photo credit: Anthony Citrano via photopin cc

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings

mens wedding ring
photo credit: Anthony Citrano via photopin cc

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings can be purchased in a variety of materials, designs, and patterns; but do you know which one to choose, or why? While most men can get away with choosing men’s wedding rings for aesthetic or decorative purposes, many others should also consider practicality as well.

A wedding ring will be important to your life and most likely will be worn every day. You should choose one with care, deliberation, and consideration.

Do You Work Around Heavy Machinery

If you’re planning on wearing your wedding ring every day, you have to consider what men’s wedding bands are suitable for your lifestyle. For example, if you work around or operate heavy machinery, then you will want to avoid wearing a large, heavy ring that could be caught in machinery. You could also consider purchasing a wedding ring neck chain, so that you can safely wear your wedding ring whilst at work.

Do You Work With Your Hands

If you work with your hands, but want to wear a ring every day, you might also want to choose from alternative men’s wedding bands made from more durable materials such as tungsten or cobalt. This will give you a tough wedding ring that you can wear and work with, without fear of damaging it.


What’s Your Personality?

Men’s wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes and can range from the gaudy to the very plain. You should chose yours based on what you find appealing, rather than what anyone else thinks, because you will have to wear it every day.  Classic men’s wedding bands are nothing more than a simple gold band with no decoration. More modern men’s wedding bands include those with etchings, patterns, woven design, and even engraved names or dates.

Do You Want A Wide Ring?

Wide men’s wedding bands are increasing in popularity, despite the fact that they are slightly less comfortable to wear, and are often a little tight. If you want to get in on this trend, have your jeweler (or do it yourself) measure the full length of the space the ring will take up. Usually wide wedding rings are 7mm or wider, meaning that it will cover not only the thinnest part of your finger, but the fleshier parts as well. If you want it to fit comfortably, you may have to go up to the next ring size in order to accommodate.  However, wide wedding rings are fashionable, masculine, and modern, which holds a certain appeal to many modern men.


Choosing the Right Metal

Gold is, and always will be, the most popular material in men’s wedding bands. Not only is it traditional, but it is masculine and aesthetic as well. Gold comes in a variety of carats including 9k, 10k, 14k and 18k. The main difference in these materials is the amount of gold in the ring. A lower carat ring will have less gold while a higher carat ring will contain more gold. Even though very rare, 24k gold rings are pure gold.

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With a passion for men’s wedding rings , women’s wedding rings and a two decade long experience working for some of the very best designers and manufacturers of jewelry, Dan Globus is an expert on all subjects relating to this wedding essential. Originally educated on bands made in gold and platinum, Dan finds that that the new generation of metals has become very appealing to young couples. Bands made of titanium, cobalt and tungsten have become the most requested of all materials because of their lower costs and resistance to daily wear and tear.