Weddings…Not Just For The Bride Anymore!

Who is the groom and what’s his place in the planning of the wedding? Is he paying for the wedding? Is he picking out the disc jockey? Is he going to the bachelor party?  Is this all the Groom does at his wedding?  Are these his only responsibilities? It’s all up to the two of you!

Get The Groom Involved In The Wedding

The Groom’s journey through planning his Wedding Day, at times, can seem a long one through new and uncharted courses.  Still, it is important to involve the Groom just as much as a the Bride in the planning of their wedding day.  Many times the Groom is left out of the planning phases either because he may not seem interested or because he is just simply left out. Guess what? Many Grooms are interested! Just ask him!  Whether he wants to be involved in everything, or just a few things, the level of involvement should be left up to him.  Either way, it is important to keep him posted of all planning aspects.

As a Wedding Planner, I cater to both the Bride and the Groom.  Sometimes I meet a Groom who may not be as vocal about what he wants for his wedding, but because I keep him involved in the planning process he feels included in his wedding.  At times the Groom may even start participating in selections such as florals, design, linens, photography, ceremony ideas, etc, not just the limousine or what groomsmen will wear..

Happy Bride and Groom
Happy Bride and Groom

When planning your wedding make sure that you are both involved.  Brides, don’t keep your Groom out of the loop.  Consider his questions, ideas, and comments.  Maybe he has no comments, but keep him involved. Grooms, stay in the loop, it’s your wedding too. Your input is valuable.  Wedding Professionals, don’t forget that two people are getting married. Cater to both the Bride and Groom, and see what responses you get.

On a final note, a comment from one of my Groom clients:

“I never felt as if I was “just the Groom”, it definitely felt like my special day too. I was constantly in the loop with everything that was going on, included in all of the decisions, and very well catered to. I am not a vain person, but I really enjoyed being treated like a Celebrity and felt absolutely no stress especially the day of my wedding. I was never worried about what was going on. They made sure the guys and I were good. Thank you guys for making it one of the greatest days of my life, and allowing the “Prince” to have his part in the fairy tale wedding…”  Robert Hanington

Happy Planning

So, is your groom involved?