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Brides, What Are The Wedding Priorities On Your Wedding Checklist?

By Paula & Martin Ramirez, Proprietors, Historic Mankin Mansion

It is often said that your wedding day will be the happiest and most magical days of your life. At the same time, it can also be one of your most anxious. Your wedding checklist is full of hundreds to do. As the details begin to mount, it’s easy to let the little things get to you, which is why brides are often encouraged to focus your wedding to do list on the top three priorities for your wedding day.

The idea is to recognize that your checklist for wedding items is long but to focus. Promise yourself that everything on you wedding to do list is important, it is just that some things take precedence. Focus on these, and if the rest of the details go according to plan, it’s simply icing on the fabulously decorated wedding cake.

While many brides may list, among other things, topics such as the food, music and décor, we encourage you to consider the following while prioritizing your wedding checklist:

1)    The ability to be the hostess with the mostess. Weddings are one of the rare occasions in which all of your family and friends will be together at once. As your loved ones begin to arrive in town, they will surely want to spend as much time as possible with you. It’s imperative that your wedding to do list includes the name of people you can delegate things to the week of the wedding so that you can take the time to be the hostess with the mostess. Make this a priority to ensure that you will remember the week of your wedding as one in which you reconnected with your friends and family- and not as the one where you spent hours on your living room floor tying bows on favors.

2)    Prepare for The Unexpected. It’s inevitable- things will happen on your wedding day. A focus for your wedding checklist should be contingency plan ideas and getting professional vendors signed up. Perhaps shoes will be forgotten- or veil left behind. If you make it a priority on your wedding to do list to hire seasoned professionals with countless weddings under their belts, then you can rest assure that they will have a Plan B, C and D should anything arise.  Better yet- they can anticipate potential challenges and meet them head on in order to avoid issues.

wedding checklist
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3)    Relaxation. This wedding to do list item is the hardest for most brides. Between running errands, playing hostess and fine tuning the last of the wedding planning details, it’s easy to forget that a little time for yourself is in order. Our weekend wedding bride and grooms love, for example, that a couples massage is included in our package.  Between all of the running around, be sure to include time for a little R & R, to guarantee that you’ll enjoy your big day that much more. The wedding checklist item every bride should have on their list.

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Ultimately, your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life. By incorporating the three above priorities, it is guaranteed that it will be as stress-free as possible.