Garden Weddings: Themes & Ideas

Garden Wedding

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Garden weddings are one of the most popular, most beautiful and most romantic of themes. But, what kind of garden wedding would you want to plan? That question could pose a lot of problems to a lot of brides. In fact, there are many wedding ideas that have a “theme within a theme”  question you would need to work out. When it comes to vintage, what decade are you trying to pay homage to? When it comes to contemporary, are you going with an art decor style or artistic flair? And when it comes to a garden wedding, we’re here to break down 5 of the best themes and routes to take.

Garden Wedding Ideas & Themes


If you’re imagining a garden-styled wedding filled with vintage, Victorian touches, then all you need are the creamy neutrals to start your foundation. There’s something very Jane Austen about this setting and we’re loving the charm and sophistication piled up into this idea and tablescape.

Garden Wedding Ideas & Themes


For brides looking for something more casual and laid-back, go with a venue that meshes with your vision. A country field, mason jars and bouts and bouts of baby’s breath are all you need to start the planning. And, of course, a free-flowing gown, burlap and a bit of lace too.

Garden Wedding Ideas & Themes


Who doesn’t love a beautiful, fall garden wedding? Harvest colors, gourds galore and the most beautiful, voluminous greenery you could ever imagine. It has quite the bohemian vibe too, which we find super photoesque and trendy. Not to mention, the weather during the autumn months can be absolute perfection.

Garden Wedding Ideas & Themes


If you’re looking for something a bit brighter, go for the wildflower look. With no rhyme or reason to the decor and the use of all and every vivacious color, you’ll have a wedding full of youthful inspiration and fun. Obviously, this theme fits well right into spring and summertime. And don’t forget your floral crown!

Garden Wedding Ideas & Themes


More saturated tones and an evening setting make for a romantic flavor. Choose a venue with a beautiful home or big botanical garden to create the coziness, warmth and romance you’re looking for. My favorite pairings for a romantic, garden wedding? Soft midnight blues, blush tones, dusty miller and natural makeup.

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