Giving Cash at Wedding. How much to give?

There are many people that are invited to weddings on a regular basis and most choose to give a monetary gift rather than giving a physical gift. Most brides and grooms prefer this gift at the wedding, as they have already received most of their physical gifts at the bridal shower. Money is also a thoughtful gift for a couple that is just starting out. The money could be used to pay for some of the wedding or it could be used to help them purchase a home or finish renovations. No matter what the bride and groom decide to spend the monitory gift on it is always received positively by the couple. The only problem with giving money is many do not know how much to give.

Unfortunately there is not clear cut answer to the question of how much money to give the couple at their wedding. There are a number of different variables to consider before sealing the envelope.

Many people have heard the old rule to think about how much the couple is spending per plate and give what you think they have paid. Although this has been the rule for a very long time it is not the rule many still use in the 21st century.

There are many reasons that people should not consider the price per plate rule for giving money at a wedding. On reason being a wedding is a time to celebrate a couple’s commitment to one another and to share in a big moment in their lives. It is for this reason that you should not treat the affair as a financial transaction. Stuffing the wedding envelope with enough money to cover the cost of your food is not what giving a gift is all about.

Before you seal your envelope you should think about how much the couple means to you. If you are very close with the couple you should give a gift based on how much they mean to you. If you are close with the person or even just the bride or the groom you should considering giving 100 dollars or more if you are able. Remember that you want your friend to remember your thoughtfulness.

The rule of thumb for giving a gift at a wedding for a neighbor, coworker, or casual acquaintance is about 50 dollars. If you are able to give a little more to the couple you can give more, but the young couple should be thrilled with this amount.