Nod To Fabulous Unique Wedding Shoes

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes? Maybe it was love at first sight as you eyed a fabulous pair while casually and innocently window-shopping. Or, perhaps you tried on a gorgeous pair of shoes and just knew they were the one – in fact, money was no object because you just had to own them!

The love of shoes seems to take on new meaning for brides. Of course, it might be all about the dress. But the shoes are right up there in terms of priority, right? Who obsesses about their wedding dress only to halfheartedly the hunt for the perfect pair of wedding shoes? The search can be as fun, if not more . . . especially if you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

What’s calling your name – a sexy pair of stilettos, traditional white heels, lace wedding boots, casual sandals?

While you’ll likely pick a pair of wedding shoes to fit your bridal style, venue and overall atmosphere, you may explore other options like colorful bridal heels to contrast your white gown, ivory lace bridal boots or bridal flip flops for beach weddings.


Lace Bridal Boots


For brides who want a romantic, vintage or ethereal look, beautiful lace wedding boots could be the perfect option. Do you ever wish you were born in a different era, like the Victorian age? Women of this era often donned fanciful boots to elegant affairs. You can capture this time period with your bridal ensemble, such as a lace parasol, lace bridal boots, wedding gloves and bridal gown with a cinched bodice, full skirt and ruffles to convey the extravagant fashion influenced by royalty.


Ivory Lace Wedding Boots

Accessories pull any outfit together, and this is no different on your wedding day. Dress up a simple gown with intricate lace wedding boots, a gorgeous headpiece or veil, or show stopping jewelry. But if you’re throwing a formal wedding with all the bells and whistles, and you’ve dreamed of your fairy tale moment, then go all out. An ornate gown and accessories work just as well together. The best part is you can create the look you always envisioned by adding your personal flair.

Black Lace Bridal Boots


While you might be inspired by the fashion of today’s celebrities and royals, look to fashion icons of the past for classic style that will always be “in.” This goes for your fabulous footwear, too!

Have ideas for unique bridal shoes? Tell us!