Beginner’s Guide To Bridesmaid Dresses

If there’s one thing you should know about the Azazie philosophy, it’s that we’re all about making sure our clients are well informed before making decisions. This includes the often daunting task of selecting dresses for your bridesmaids. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ve at least heard varying opinions on the topic.

Some schools of thought emphasize getting the process over quick by selecting the first dress you lay eyes upon. Others advocate going with the cheapest option available to cut costs. Our take, on the other hand, is that you can make an informed dress decision if you keep a few details in mind. To that end, we’ve assembled a quick beginner’s guide that will cover some basic factors you should consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses.


This is the principal factor. Your wedding season (the time of the year it takes place) has a direct effect on all of the of dress attributes that will be most appropriate. For instance, a summer wedding will be hotter. This makes shorter dresses with lighter colors and fabrics a logical choice.

Style & Location

Are you having a formal wedding at the local winery or a casual destination wedding at a far-flung beach? Either way, you want the dresses to fit the setting. The colors and dress styles should blend in with your wedding’s overarching theme. There’s no shortage of style options, and we’ve got plenty of our own that you’ll likely find appealing.


Have you picked out a wedding palette? If so, the colors of your dresses should match that palette. As we mentioned earlier, a surefire approach is matching wedding colors to the season, style and location of the event. A fall wedding held outdoors, for example, is a great time to bust out the gold bridesmaid dresses. If you’re indoors during the winter, though, you may consider darker colors like black or blue.


The thickness and texture of the dress fabrics will influence how they feel. Lighter fabrics (chiffon, sateen, etc.) work well when it’s warm and you’re outdoors. They’ll let the dresses “breathe” and keep your ‘maids from passing out due to heat exhaustion! A heavier dress will work great when it’s colder and you’re wedding party requires some extra protection from the elements.


There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to dress length. You might select for length based on the climate, location or your wedding theme, but in the end, this choice is yours. You should take your own personal preferences into mind as well as your bridesmaid’s. Speaking of which…

Bridesmaid’s Choice?

You might not be able to completely please everyone, but considering you bridesmaids is important. They will, after all, have different measurements, and (naturally) opinions. With some luck, you’ll be able to accommodate them well. Since it is typical for bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses, you should also keep costs in mind. Your girls will be willing to drop some money on looking good, just remember that everyone has their limits!

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