Spa and pamper hen weekends

Spa Day For Your Hen

With another wonderful summer here, it means another summer of weddings. Aside from all the excitement about dresses, honeymoons and mother-in-laws (often this feels more like dread) there is always the question of what to do for your Hen Party (or, in the US, bachelorette party).

Spa Hen Parties are an exciting and great way to celebrate the run in to your big day that combines relaxation with trying something new. Also with any Spa Break there are normally copious amounts of champagne to consume, particularly if you’re the lucky bride to be…

Here are three great reasons to try a Spa Day for your Hen:

1. Try Something New

Going to a Luxury Spa isn’t an everyday experience. If there is ever an excuse to spoil yourself, preparing for the biggest day of your life is a good one. With the diverse range of first class treatments, cuisine and facilities available at Spa’s in around the world you don’t even need to travel to far, to experience something truly unique.

Most Spa’s have a diverse range of treatments such as massages, facials, body wraps and body polishes for you to choose from. So you can choose something that you’ll enjoy and won’t forget!  Depending on the style of the Spa you’ll also get to experience unique, healthy and indulgent cuisine.


2. Relax

Getting married can be as stressful as it is exciting. With the last minute organisation, guests and relatives pressuring you to change their tables, busy mother in laws, last minute diets and pre wedding nerves, the stress can take it’s toll. Why not indulge in pure relaxation with your girlfriends in a Spa Ice Room or Hydrotherapy Pool?

Spa days provide the perfect opportunity to turn off your mobile phone, stop checking your emails and unwind. The atmosphere and the environment will make you forget about the stress, at least for an afternoon. Besides, you won’t be able to have stress lines whilst you’re having your facial.


3. Great Way To Get Together

It’s a shame but natural part of life that you don’t see your friends as often as you’d like. Meeting up for your Hen Party is a great opportunity to get the girls together and catch up. As it provides a unique experience for you to share and enjoy, plenty of champagne and great food.

You can enjoy the facilities, food or just sit in the relaxation area and catch up on everything you’ve missed, gossip about new family in laws and generally let loose with your favourite people.

So when you begin looking at what to do for a hen do, whether you are the bride to be or the maid of honour. Don’t forget to consider booking your Spa hen Party.


Author Bio: Jeremy works for SenSpa a Hampshire Spa in the United Kingdom that specialises in SpaBreaksfortwo