Gifts to Surprise Your Significant Other

Buying thoughtful gifts for our partners is one of the ways in which we show them how much we care.  Part of giving a gift is to not only reflect your affection but also enables us to demonstrate how well you know the other person. Selecting a gift that brings your loved one both surprise and joy is a wonderful experience, but how do you go about selecting that special surprise?

The thought behind the gift

There are all sorts of reasons you might wish to purchase a gift, including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day; to say sorry or to cheer them up when they are sick; or simply because you want to show them how much you love them. Think about the occasion and what it signifies for the two of you to help you choose something appropriate. Arranging delivery of compost for Valentine’s Day is likely to backfire as it has no romantic connotations, but the same gift for someone who is a keen gardener as part of a birthday celebration shows how well you know your partner and that you put some thought into what they would most like. Taking time to think of the perfect gift is important, and part of the experience.

Knowing the recipient

Being confident of what your partner would like and enjoy is key to making a surprise work. You could arrange a fabulous weekend at a luxury spa for example, but if your partner would rather be out with her horse than being pampered, she would probably have preferred a weekend riding break. There’s a danger when you know someone well that you feel too confident about their likes, and end up second guessing them, or thinking that because you think they should like something, that they will. No matter how exclusive the brand or designer, if you buy a blue ski jacket and their favorite color is red, the fact that blue suits them better in your opinion is irrelevant. Buy them what they want, not what you think they should have.

Going the extra mile

Spending money you don’t have a gift will not win you any brownie points because most people don’t want to incur debts to get something they don’t really need. If you have a special occasion coming up or you want to make a big statement, then as long as you have the means being generous is a fitting way to show your love. If your partner is a fine art enthusiast, you could buy one of the original paintings for sale by M.S. Rau Antiques, or if they have an unfulfilled dream to learn to dance, enroll them in some classes. If there is somewhere in the world, they have always wanted to go, book a vacation and surprise them with the tickets.

However, you choose to show your feelings, make sure your gift is one that will make your partner happy, so the happiness you feel will mirror theirs and bring you closer together.