newlywed christmas tree

Tis The Season… For Newlyweds

Relationships, Weddings and Newlyweds go hand in hand with Christmas, like mulled wine and mince pies. The joy of  extra time off, good will in the air, mulled wine & romantic festival evenings alongside time with family is perfectly fitted to couple life. Being with your partner through the onslaught of food, gift unwrapping, monopoly games and family tiffs, makes you appreciate being together even more.

newlywed christmas tree

 Christmas is a time to forge new traditions &  routines and truly enjoy being with your fiance, partner or spouse. From when you put up your Christmas tree to when you unwrap your first present, first Christmases together, particularly as Newly-weds are a time to cherish.

Whether you are spending it together or with your larger family there is always a pressure to get the right gift for each other. Trying to plan your build up to Christmas with special treats is always a difficult conundrum. So for all you last minute organisers out there, here is a selection of 3 pre Christmas treats not to be forgotten:

1. Take Them To A Luxury Spa

There’s not much better way to spend Christmas with your new spouse than relaxing in a Luxury Spa Resort. There’s something extremely festive about being in the warmth of a Luxury Spa Day as a white sheet of snow slowly covers the outside world.

2. Have a Candlelight Carol Service at Your Door

For every person who enjoys carols there atleast 3 groups that enjoy singing them. Simply get in touch with one and arrange for them to come round during a Romantic festive evening. For a small donation and the pleasure of singing, they can give your evening a real highlight.

candle lit carols

3. Go On a Festive Shopping Trip

There’s not much better than a trip to the city. See the brightly lit and beautifully decorated shops and the hustle and bustle of the pre Christmas rush. Then get home after a long day of shopping to a hot chocolate and a warm fire. Festive Bliss.

festive shopping

So take advantage of this Christmas with your lovely partner and festive that your sure not to forget. Merry Christmas!

Photos Courtesy of Nick J WebbShedboy & Sebastian Dooris