Vintage capes for the bride

The vintage capes have vintage inspiration and are a chic accessory for the brides of whom wedding takes place during the fall – spring season.

Any bride wants to look special in her wedding, even if “special” means different things from person to person and bride to bride. Even if the bride wears the most impressive wedding dress in her wedding day she also needs an accessory that can take her out of the pattern of the classical brides.

vintage capes for the bride

Fall, winter and spring, a vintage cape seems to be the most appropriate detail that is going to get you out of the patterns among brides.

Besides this, the cape is going to protect you against the winter’s caprices, cold, wind, rain or a storm.
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Contrary to preconceived ideas to which the capes hide the beauty of the wedding dress, the capes and all the things that cover your shoulders can beautify your wedding dress, emphasizing its beautiful sides, it can confer it elegance and make the fall wind easy to bare and the spring wind tolerable.

For winter brides, these accessories can turn out to be really useful in months like December or January. A cape worn in your wedding day can confer you a plus of mystery and romanticism. The best fabrics used for these vintage capes seem to be: silk, chiffon, organza, velvet, and artificial fur, taffeta in combination with satin, tulle, lace or crepe satin.

A vintage cape can turn out to be a really useful gift for the bride. Not only does she have the possibility of wearing it in her most important days of her life, but it’s also going to leave a trace for the rest of her life. The cape can be offered by the godmother, the bride’s parents or even by the groom himself.

So, we got to the conclusion that you would look really interesting if you apply for wearing a vintage cape. Indeed, such a combination seems interesting and in the same time you’re going to have a different air in comparison with other brides that prefer to remain without such an accessory or they simply don’t like the idea. The tastes indeed are varied and if some prefer to apply for a vintage cape, there are some other brides who prefer to apply for wearing lots of pieces of jewelry on or simple to wear a wedding dress with sleeves.

vintage capes for the bride 2

It doesn’t matter what decision you take, the only thing that you have to make sure is that you take the right one for you case, because in the same time you have to make sure that you’re going to be most interesting bride your guests see.