The bride’s bow

What do you think of a wedding dress that has a ribbon attached on the waist line and that ends in the back side with a big bow? Don’t you think this aspect is quite interesting? The bow is a really feminine accessory that is perfectly suitable to a wedding gown.

the bride's bow

No matter how it is applied, in what area is it applied, no matter if you’re using it for the wedding dress or as a hair accessory it’s very appropriate to a bride.
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And going back to the bow attached on the waistline and that has closure with a ribbon, which particular ribbon doesn’t necessarily have to be white.

the bride's bow 2

It definitely has to be purple or red or even ivory; and the bow can be colored as it only has to be made in such a manner to complete the ribbon that emphasizes the waistline. Especially if you have a standard silhouette, if you’re tall and slim, a bigger bow and generous around the waist is going to highlight just how gorgeous you are.

In the case in which you have green eyes, for example, you can opt for a bow that is appropriate in tone with your eyes – the effect is electrifying! It’s not necessary that the bow is found on the waist. You can, especially in the case of a vintage wedding dress, apply for a really cute bow placed on the chest instead of a broche. In this case it’s obvious that you have to renounce to the classical necklace. If you want to wear a necklace you can find an accessory to place around the neck in shape of a bow, if you’re going to find a pair of earrings in shape of a bow you’re going to be a princess for sure.

the bride's bow 3

If you have a really generous cleavage, you can apply for adding a bow at the basis of the cleavage, you can attach it in one side or on one shoulder. Think of just how cute you’re going to look with a bow attached in the hair. At the baby – doll wedding dress we find it suitable to place a hair bow and not only in this outfit!

Who said that the bow has to be in a white tone? There’s no such thing! Your bow can be purple or even red. In this case, there’s the groom’s napkin and you can even match it with what you’re wearing. Especially if you have short hair it’s really suitable to carry a bow in your hair. It’s a very discrete accessory and really feminine.

But if you have long hair you can opt for an accessory for your hair. You can place the locks of hair on one side of the head and you can apply a bow at the basis of the “tail”; a sophisticated loop with a delicate ribbon attached is as elegant and chic as the things mentioned up to this moment!