The bridal garters

The bridal garter is a sexy element, which in the last times has been more and more popular among brides. Of course, this accessory is worn together with the other elements, which don’t have to miss in the special day. More and more brides take into account this tradition in the big day and it’s the ritual in which the bridal garter is taken off from the bride’s leg – this moment is really sexy and funny in the same time. The bridal garter is then tossed and one of the best men is going to catch it….

The bridal garters for which you can apply for to wear in the big day are realized in such a way as to be a unique element that you place on you. For instance, you can make the bridal garter that “something blue” detail that the bride should wear in the big day and we’re sure that it’s going to seem a good thing to take into account, but in the same time you can apply for making it a unique detail.

the bridal garters

Like the bridal garters that you can observe in the following lines…. We’re speaking about bridal garters that are realized in such a way as to make the difference.
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Like these bridal garters, which are realized in vivid colors. They’re made with color applications on them and they’re designed in a ruffled way with lace details on the margins. There’s also a bow detail in the middle, which you can observe and ribbon attachments. In this particular example we’re referring to bridal garters, which are realized in pink or blue.

There’s also the case in which the bride wants colors! What could be more colorful than a bridal garter that is made in multiple vivid colors like pink, orange, green or gold? Of course, it’s a detail that won’t be observed up to one moment and we don’t see any harm in your applying for it!

the bridal garters 2

The idea with lace bridal garters isn’t old fashioned! There’s also the option for applying for such wedding accessories, like the ones in the image! The classical look for the bridal garter: lace mixed with silk and a cute bow detail in the end! Indeed, a great combination of details, which we’re sure is not going to fade away ever. This type of bridal garter is among the most common used by brides and we don’t see why shouldn’t apply for it as well….

the bridal garters 3

So, in case you seem to have forgotten about the bridal garter you should revise your ideas, because such a detail seems to be like a “must be” in our days’ weddings.