The Best Way To Find Your Wedding Dress On A Budget

A wedding dress, although worn for just a single day, is one of the most expensive garment items you can have. It is your day and what matters is you love what you do and wear. There’s pressure to look your best but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your budget. A lot of women splurge themselves into expensive wedding dresses, but it does not mean you also have to do it.

One of the many great ways to hire a wedding dress maker is to go online, but if you are on a tight budget or just being practical without having to sacrifice your looks, you can still find a perfect dress at a lower price. Here’s how to choose your ideal wedding dress on a budget:

1. Pick a wedding theme you love

Having a wedding does not mean exclusively holding it in a church or having formal or traditional weddings. You can consider less formal themes like garden, beach, or even a modern theme as long as you like it. Your wedding dress should be based on your theme; it should coincide with the venue, mood of your wedding, and the style that flatters your body. For instance, lightweight dress for a beach wedding is cheaper than heavy laced silk satin dresses. But if you want to wear a bohemian dress for a beach wedding then go for it, you are the bride, and it is your choice.

2. Wear your style

Just like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle who chose to wear her style rather than to conforms with traditional royal wedding dresses exudes simplicity yet so elegant-looking. Simplicity is beauty beats the traditional over-embellished dresses. Moreover, traditional gowns cost more because of its extra fabrics, laces, beadings, or pearls, unlike simple dresses that use less material and embellishments. If you choose a simple dress, you can use striking accessories such as earpieces, ring, necklace, tiara, heels, or tulles to bring out your elegance.

Your wedding dress is not defined by its color or fabric. You can also choose top and bottom wherein you have tons of choices to choose from and for a lower price, too. Also, it will bring out your creativity in fashion. You can either wear a vintage bottom and a modern top or a black dress to show the world how unique you are.

3. Size matters

Your current size must be the basis for your size selection. Don’t choose a smaller size because you have the goal to lose some weight before the wedding. If the opposite will happen, then you will need to readjust the dress which will cost you extra hundreds. Besides, it is easier to retain a weight than lose weight.

Don’t wear a too tight dress because you would not like to be too constricted and awkward. Your gown should make you move comfortably, so lightweight dresses are way better. This kind of dress can make you move and interact with your visitors easily.

4. Rent a dress

Practicality dictates renting a dress instead of buying and wearing it just once. It is cheaper since you pay the price depending on how long you keep the dress and you don’t have to worry about its cleaning or storing. Many online shops offer to borrow and lend schemes, like Rent The Runway, but be sure to choose rentals which provide a free trial policy in which you can try it on and send it back if it does not fit.

5. Search for sales

Search not just one or two stores but go international. From local boutiques to international online shops, visit their salons or sites to check on dresses on sale that suits your style. Make sure to spend at least a day when inquiring or trying on dresses; don’t allocate a small time to avoid rushing on your decisions.

6. Go secondhand

There are a lot of pre-owned dresses that were not used because they had a change of heart for the dress they had bought. In such cases, prices can even go half of its original price. But keep in mind to carefully check on the details: the size, how it was kept, and the possibility of being altered.     

7. No money, no worry

There are many ways to fund your wedding gown. You can opt for a loan instead of borrowing from relatives, and this will save you from shame. There are a lot of online banks that offer a lower interest rate than that of physical banks.

A wedding dress is one of the most important features of your wedding, but you don’t need an expensive one to make your wedding meaningful. The most important part of a wedding is the marriage that comes after so the less you spend on your dress, the more you save for important things coming after your wedding.