Colorful wedding dresses

For those brides who want to really make the difference in the big day, there’s always the option of a colorful wedding dress. As long as you feel courageous enough, we don’t see any difficulties in you applying for such wedding dresses. In most of the time, a colored wedding dress can be misunderstood with the bridesmaid wedding dress and you wouldn’t want that, would you?
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The key for colorful wedding dresses is that they have at least one bridal detail on them: from wide skirts, to ruffled details and embroidered applications, you can certainly end up with a nice choice for the big day.

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Colorful wedding dress

Nowadays, the color of the wedding dress isn’t such an important thing, as it used to be in the last century. If you want to, you can apply for a black and white wedding dress that makes the difference, or a really red one to be recalled by all your guests – make these with good taste, though….

In fact, it would be a great idea to mention when this “trend” of wearing white wedding dresses started: in the moment, in which Queen Victoria has chosen to wear such a bridal gown for the big day, all realized in white. Also, the fabric engaged in this wedding dress was between the finest and one could observe the long train in the back side, as well as the long sleeves. From that moment on, brides started wearing such bridal gowns and they began a symbol of the Western bride.

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Colorful wedding dress

The colorful wedding dresses are a must have in the Eastern cultures, where the brides are obliged to wear such colored pieces due to the tradition that imposes things to be in this way. Certainly, you must have observed how the main color for bridal gowns is red and in the latest periods, they began adding other colors than red to these pieces of clothing – like golden, yellow or orange.

Getting back to the Western culture, we only have to add that before the trend with Queen Victoria wearing the white wedding dress, you could observe how colorful wedding dresses were considered a must have as well. The most common color for being used in bridal gowns was blue – which in those days was the clear symbol of innocence and purity.