Pigeons and weddings

Yes, it’s indeed a tradition most commonly found in the Western weddings the gesture of releasing a pigeon after the wedding ceremony. This custom isn’t due to we don’t know what preconceived ideas, but it’s rather due to the charm of these birds that are really delicate in the same time. In addition, this will offer a plus of romanticism for your wedding day and you’re going to feel like a princess caught in your own story.

pigeons and weddings

The pigeons are a symbol of loyal feelings, fidelity, love and it’s a good choice to bring them in your wedding ceremony. In the mythology, the pigeon is one of the birds which are most common to be fond and it has a strong significance.
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These birds are a symbol of interior peace, harmony and reconciliation. In the Holly Bible the pigeon was the bird that Noah sent as messenger from the arch after the great flood.

This bird returned with an olive branch, sign that the water has disappeared from the surface of the earth. Symbol of innocence and purity, the pigeon is one of the body shapes that the Holly Spirit has when he goes down on Earth.

pigeons and weddings 2

In the Greek Mythology the pigeon is Aphrodite’s bird ending up being as a symbol of love. The Arabians see in this bird a love messenger, peace and luck, of fidelity between the groom and bride and between brothers.

It’s true that bringing some pigeons can cost you a little bit, but it’s your wedding after all and you can afford it, you can afford it…. in addition your guests are going to remain impressed of your innovation and the fact that you dared for this gesture and detail. You can create scenery that can surprise you in a pleasant manner.

pigeons and weddings 3

Taking into account that the pigeons are a symbol of purity, you can even introduce some pigeons in the moment of the religious part. At the religious wedding there are loosened about 20 or 25 pigeons and on the red carpet there are some pairs of white pigeons that are going to receive the freshly married couple. What can be more romantic and special than such a moment in your wedding day?

Even with a brief search on the internet, you’re going to be able to find lots of companies that are engaged of bringing pigeons at your wedding, accordingly to your desires and the number of pigeons that you wish to negotiate with that particular firm.

You can try different such firms and companies, each one of them having a moment that is directed and in that are going to appear these gorgeous birds in order to create a marvelous effect….