First dance lessons

The first dance is usually the most important moment of your wedding. It’s between the things that emphasize the fact that you’ve passed from the status of a lady to a woman.

This is why it’s really important to have partners in which you can trust and in this way you’re going to dace perfectly. You can attend different special spots and places that are ideal for learning dance steps and you can take private lessons for the wedding as well.

first dance lessons

When you go to such places you’re not interested in becoming a professional artist. The dance lessons have a social character and what’s expected is that you make a move in a pleasant manner, to have fun and relax and know new persons and last, but not least is to learn how to dance( from salsa, cha-cha, to samba, rumba, paso- doble, jive, meringue, waltz, tango, quick step or slow fox…).
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Generally, the dance courses take part in about 2 or 3 months, every meeting having duration of approximately one hour and a half. These are specially sorted out for active people and the dance lesions start during the week, after 6 so that you can’t say there’s lack of time.

first dance lessons 2

Getting back to the dance lessons for your wedding day, here’s the resume of the three services that you can apply for and that you can take into account as well for the godfathers. We recommend you multiple options for which you can apply for in case you want to learn a dance and outgo yourself in the big day- there’s the option with the personal trainer that can take into account your personal program and you can be sure that in this way you’re going to end up with doing wonders in the big day.

This option is more appropriate for those that have at their disposal five or six weeks up to the wedding. You’re alone in the salon without any other people and you can learn the first dance on a song (a waltz and not only) that is chosen by you.

first dance lessons 3

A Viennese waltz together with one or two couples in the salon, a stable program and a reduced budget. This is a solution for those that have about four or five weeks up to the wedding and are not molested about the fact that they’re in the same room with other couples that prepare everything for opening the wedding. The groups are created in some periods of time and they learn only Viennese waltz during four sessions.

Appropriate for those that have at least two weeks up to the moment in which the wedding takes place and want to learn besides a Viennese waltz some other styles like salsa, tango, cha cha, rumba or jive. We’re referring here to dance lessons in group where the lessons take place for about 8 weeks or 16 sessions and the program is fixed and you pay less….