Second wedding tips 3

So, you’ve seen some general ideas concerning a second wedding and we’re sure that you would want to find out about some other ones in which we jump to facts and tell you exactly how you organize this type of ceremony.

Here are some hints that might be helpful when it comes to your second wedding and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy reading about these. Walking up the aisle is being usually done with the help of your Father. Well, this time you have the opportunity of choosing whoever you want and wish to take you there. You may ask your mother, brother or even children to lead you there, but the variant with the father is still available, so don’t worry!

When it comes to the attendants these are not obligatorily needed in the second wedding. You can invite some friends and close family to be guests and celebrate together in a very pleasurable manner. It’s not a problem if there is a tight circle with no guests, it’s your ceremony and you decide whether you want it to be pompous or not.

second wedding tips 3

Bridal showers are still available for this type of wedding you know?! If you want one, you can organize it, but you can do it in a tighter circle as well; not being in the mood for such stuff is normal you know?
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Involving your children in your second wedding is really important when it comes to a happily and united family. Before the wedding you have to discuss with them seriously and explain the changes that are going to be involved. Some children may consider this marriage as betrayal or something like that and the basic thing is to discuss everything….

So, in what you do try to make them cope with you: daughters can serve as maids of honor or even flower girls, sons can act as best men, ring bearers and ushers, you may even ask one of the children to stand in the altar next to all the family and light the unity candle together or even to lead you to the aisle. If you ask the children to take care of the guestbook they will be very pleased that you’ve involved them in a thing like that, be sure of that! Another great thing that your children could do is to take a toast and speak really pleasantly during a special moment in your wedding reception; this will be possible if they have courage.

No matter what role of your children in the second wedding make sure that they feel completely confident with it and they like the task that you’ve offered to them.

If your children don’t want to do anything related to your wedding then it means that they aren’t used yet with the idea of a second wedding and you have to present the situation in such a manner that they understand it and the same thing you can do with the funny task.