Bachelorette party in British style

The bachelorette party is an event that usually happens before the bridal day and lately it has become a must have for the ladies. How come men get to have a party with all kinds of surprises and they can knock their heads in the manner that they want and you ladies can’t do the same thing?
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Maybe you can’t afford a true farewell for the bride in an eccentric spot, but you can surely make something that makes the difference and you cans still have fun according to the model of Britain ladies. It’s time for a special party in which you can serve tea and cookies!

bachelorette party in British styleCredit
Bachelorette party in British style

Surely in this manner you ought to save a great sum of money, while you don’t spend your savings on a menu in a fancy restaurant or an expensive club. The inspiration comes from the old traditions in Great Britain and we consider this style really chic and cute!

First of all, you have to pick with attention the location of the party. A garden or a terrace would definitely be the right places for making such a party, you and your friends. If you’re going to choose the location of the party is in a terrace, then don’t forget to talk with the neighbors and tell them what you intend on doing, in order not to be disturbed by the noise.

bachelorette party in British styleCredit
Bachelorette party in British style

At the level of the decorations you can opt for a round table that is covered with a white table sheet, a flower bouquet that is pretty colored in the middle and that’s that. Try to place the tableware in an elegant manner for creating a diversity effect of the round table and offer some favors to the guests, which can be pretty colored as well!

Another appropriate element for this type of party is the tableware used! You can apply easily to the antique stores or grandmother’s tableware, where you can surely find old cups and plates. Also, you can offer these as favors for your friends, because in this manner they will always recall your bachelorette party that was made in British style.

If you really want to make this event memorable and unique, go together with your friends and buy some vintage stuff. The dresses and the accessories are going to bring the impression of something unique and that makes the difference.

When it comes to the clothing that you’re going to wear, make sure that you inspire yourselves from the image of the 60s actresses and when it comes to the accessories you can adopt pearls, many pearl necklaces! In order to make the outfit complete opt for a hat, the majority of women in England wear such an accessory during daytime and at night as well.

The menu that you choose can be easily made in your household and don’t forget about the main ingredient of such a party, because it’s after all a tea party and we’re referring of course, to tea! You have to pick as many tea aromas and flavors as it’s possible, because you want to please all your guests. So, here are some suggestions of flavors that you can choose: black tea, vanilla, jasmine and so on.

We recommend that next to the tea you place little sandwiches that can be cut in different shapes, small cookies and cakes, this will make the atmosphere complete.

And now that we have mentioned something about the atmosphere, we would like to recommend some ideas when it comes to the music that you play in such a bachelorette party, which is fancy: chilling music, ambient music – in order to make the elegant atmosphere complete and you’re going to be able to have lots of conversations with each other, fact that makes this party even fancier.

In other words, we would like you to take into account this model of bachelorette party if you want to settle for something that is more refined and it goes far away from the idea of an event that includes strippers in it or wild music – this is indeed something that ought to make the difference and it’s really elegant in the same time.

The bachelorette party in this style will impress all your friends, because it denotes simplicity and the small gifts will make this day memorable!