The bride wedding speech

Being the bride, you can choose whether or not you want to make a wedding speech. This tradition of the bride wedding speech isn’t that common in weddings. You can pass this burden to the groom if you feel too emotional or you feel you don’t have the right words for doing it.

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The bride wedding speech

There’s also the situation in which the bride really wants to say something at her wedding and she has to know some things, before talking in front of everyone. Like in the rest of the wedding speeches, you have to take into consideration certain ideas that seem to us like the key to a successful monologue.

Timing is important!

You need to make sure that the wedding speech lasts for about eight minutes and you sum all the words in a monologue that has about one thousand words.

Insert humor and affection!

So, you have to be thankful to all the people attending your wedding, but the humorous side is as important as the first aspect. Of course, you have to add comic fragments wherever you feel there’s the need. No one says that you have to be funny like a comedian, but you can try a little bit and in this way, maybe impress the attendants.

Repetition is dull!

Ladies, you should avoid repeating the ideas and thoughts as much as possible. Also, you have to consult your husband’s speech and see whether they match – if they resemble one to the other too much, then we recommend you to change some ideas.

Personalize the speech!

Everybody has to feel that it’s you who’s speaking, so for this matter you need to place your personal print on the wedding speech and in this way you’re going to be closer to the attendants. Try referring to your parents, to your husband or closest friends or even everybody that is attending.

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Avoid being too sentimental!

Nowadays being sentimental isn’t appreciated that much, so we recommend you to rather infer some funny lines, than being to emotional with the rest of the guests.

Learn by heart the first lines!

Try to know very well the first lines in the wedding speech and if you have certainty of what you’re speaking in that particular moment, then the rest of the monologue is going to be piece of cake – it’s simply going to flow.

Speak loud and clear so that all the people there here you!