Low budget wedding

Remember everybody it`s financial crisis! What do you do in this situation? Well, what do you do when you don`t have enough money for a sumptuous event? Even if you don`t want an extravagant event, it`s possible to cost too much… and your pockets, wallets and credit cards can`t support all the “weight”! Don`t worry, there are many exit ways in this case and the coming lines should convince you!


The dress costs bog sums of money, so stay a minute, revise your budget and think… do you really need a wedding gown realized by a famous designer, or who knows in what new trends? You also can buy an already made dress, second hand. This dress was worn just one time and in this way you`ll wear a cloth that was expensive in its time, and now it`s half of that price…. Since the wedding dress is worn just once in a lifetime you can also borrow one, or rent it instead of buying!
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Choosing the restaurant and location can be a very expensive procedure. You can make a list of all your guests and revise it very good. Is it really necessary to invite your far, far away relatives? Instead of having a 4 or 5 types of plates menu, you can serve the guests with a buffet. In this way they eat all they want and what they want. And instead of renting a fancy restaurant you can apply for a club and diminish the liquor list!


Another thing that may help you spending little money is to renounce to the photographer and give this “job” to a friend that is talented in this domain. Wedding invitations are other financial problems, to avoid spending other sums of money on these little assets, you can make them by your own hands (previous articles for suggestions), in this way you`ll have original invitations and money saved!

The floral arrangements represent another worry! You can do these accessories by yourself and you`ll be very happy if you take the flowers from your garden or that of a good friend, won`t you? Use ribbons and as much flowers as you can!


Instead of buying the wedding cake, you can ask your mother to do it for you! Certainly she`ll make a special cake which will inspire only happiness.

Another aspect is that of the car. From the guests you have at your wedding, can`t you find one that can help you with renting a car? Or if you don`t want to give money, maybe he`ll give you a ride!

In order to do a low budget wedding, you need imagination and self confidence! Money aren`t a problem, are they? If you save enough money from organizing with the low budget, you can use the remaining money in your honey moon!