Mistakes to avoid when buying bridesmaids dresses.

Common Mistakes that Bridesmaids Make when Shopping for Dresses

Mistakes to avoid when buying bridesmaids dresses.

Planning is a very important aspect when it comes to wedding celebrations. With no proper planning, you cannot choose the best bridesmaid dresses for the bridal party.

Here are some common mistakes that people make when shopping for bridal party dresses:

Buying Dresses of Varying Length

To get the ideal look, make sure that the bridesmaid dresses are of the same length. If you choose hemlines that vary greatly, some bridesmaids will end up with mini dresses.

Because the girls will be of different heights, choose a specific hem point – such as below the knee – and ask them to go with it. Doing so creates a unified look.

Choosing Flimsy Fabric

Pick the type of fabric that every member of your bridal party can wear. A flimsy fabric will not flatter every body type and will make the pictures look bad.

Leaving the Bridesmaids Out of the Decision Making Process

Do the bridesmaids have something to say about your choice of fabric, color, or style? Even if the wedding is yours, allow the bridal party to make decisions about their dresses. Ask for their input to make sure that they choose what is best for them.

Choosing Mix and Match Shoes

Shoes are an important part of the bridesmaids’ ensemble. If their dresses are short enough to show the shoes, make sure that the bridesmaids choose a similar style of footwear. For instance, if they decide to wear black shoes, make sure that everyone is wearing the same.

Making Alterations

 If you think that shopping for bridesmaid dresses is as easy as walking into a store and choosing the right outfit, think again.

Most bridal boutiques do not carry dresses in varying sizes – this means that you might have to customize them after getting the measurements. Moreover, if you are having the dresses made 6 months in advance, you will probably need last minute alterations.

To avoid making unnecessary alterations, ask a professional who can take the right measurements to make the dresses.

Money Matters

Money is a very important issue when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses. Being a bridesmaid can be a costly venture and the bride should be sensitive to this fact. If they can afford it, most bridesmaids are usually willing to chip in when buying the dresses.

Being Swayed by Huge Discounts

Try not to be tempted by very steep discounts. The biggest mistake that you can make is buying dresses online just because they are on discount for ‘today only’. Although sample sales are common, you should know that you are just buying a sample.

A sample dress has been worn by numerous people and can be discolored, damaged, or torn in the process. Before you purchase any dress, make sure that you check it for damage – if it cannot be fixed easily, do not buy the dress.

Trying on Dresses You Cannot Afford

If you see bridesmaid dresses that are way out of your price range, your girls should not be tempted to try them on. This often leads to disappointment and heartbreak. To void this, make sure that you understand the budget limitations of your bridal party.

 The bridal boutique that you choose should also respect your budget and offer dresses that you can afford. If they keep giving you expensive dresses to try on, hoping that you will change your mind, you might have to move on to another bridal boutique.

Are you struggling to find the right Azazie bridesmaid dress? You should follow the above tips when looking for suitable dresses. Whatever you do, make sure that you stick to your budget.