There are Alternatives to the White Wedding Dress

While many dream of getting married in the classic white dress, some don’t – and that’s okay! The thought of walking down the aisle in a color that you never normally wear, is of course unappealing to some people. Fear not, there are many alternatives to the white dress that are guaranteed to look just as outstanding.

Where did the idea of the white dress originate?

The wedding dress was originally designed to reflect the class or social standing of the bride on her wedding day – and this still largely rings true today without us realizing it. Before the Middle Ages, the color white denoted wealth and status because it was hard to clean and costly. What most people don’t know, is that brides did not always wear white dresses for weddings. The white wedding dress is predominantly a Western concept. This trend is rumored to have been made popular by Queen Victoria who donned a white dress for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. The white wedding dress has since come to symbolize purity and innocence. Before this, women across Europe and the United States were known to wear all kinds of different colors.

Other religions, cultures and places traditionally wear colorful wedding dresses. India, Pakistan, China and Taiwan each have a tradition of wearing red dresses in different styles and variations for their special day. For many eastern cultures, the color red represents life, celebration and vibrancy – all of which you want your wedding day to be filled with.

Alternative options

Whether you’re tired of the color white, you feel like it’s not your best color, or you simply don’t want to wear a white dress, there are plenty of other options. With more and more couples opting for civil ceremonies, options are opening up for less traditional weddings.

  • The colors of the rainbow: For your special day, you should choose your favorite color or the color that looks best on you. You could even opt for a whole theme based around the color you love. For example, you could opt for a gothic wedding with a stunning black dress and flowers, and you could even dye your hair black for the occasion.
  • A colorful trouser suit: The idea that brides should wear something they don’t usually wear on their wedding day is preposterous to some. For someone who has not worn a dress in decades, the thoughts of slipping into one on their special day might not actually be that exciting. Colorful trouser suits and jumpsuits can be beautifully classic but also a welcome change.
  • Patterns: If you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant, fun and colorful, you could choose your favorite pattern and have a simple dress made out of it. Patterns can look beautiful on the big day and are a great way to express your personality.

The classic white dress, although still common, is not necessarily expected anymore and loved-up couples are beginning to think outside the box.