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Best Veil for a Beach Wedding?

Beach Wedding Veils

We are getting married on the beach and wondering what would work better a short veil style or no veil and go with a fancy head piece.. Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thank you

Wedding Expert

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Beach weddings are the most romantic, however, you have to take into consideration the possibility of wind! Long veil blowing in the wind looks good in photos, but some brides prefer the veil to still retain the drape. This can be achieved by using a veil with a sparkly beading along the edges, which will kind of weigh it down a little bit, so the veil will mostly stay put even in windy conditions. If you prefer no veil at all, a silk tropical side flower piece (an orchid, for example) would look great, so would hair ornaments in the shape of a starfish or shell. If you prefer to have a tiara, there are tiaras with the same motif of starfish and shells; they look great for the occasion! Enjoy your beach wedding!

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Wedding Queen

Hello and congratulations on you upcoming wedding! Beach weddings are beautiful! The choice of wearing a veil should definitely be up to you, in my opinion. I have seen bride’s choose to wear a veil and those who choose not to wear a veil. However, I do agree with the Makeup Expert that you should keep the wind in mind. Sometimes the wind is not a friend of the veil! Personally, I love the idea of flowers in the hair for a beachwedding.

beach wedding veil

Beauty Match Maker

Congratulations on your upcoming beach wedding! When deciding whether to wear a veil or a fancy headpiece there are few things to keep in mind..

  • What is the most flattering with your dress? Do you want to show off the back of your dress, your shoulders?
  • What headpiece style goes best with the theme of yourbeach wedding – casual with flowers, elegant with jewels, formal with veil, or a combo, etc..
  • and how do you want to wear your hair – updo, down, half up/down

For beach weddings I’ve noticed a lot of women go with a bun or updo – either to add a touch of formality to the casual vibe of the beach, forgo any wind issues, or to show more of the dress. With the updo you see elegant head bands alone and a veil & thin headpiece combo.

Choose a headpiece that makes you feel the most beautiful, goes with the hairstyle you choose and the mood of your wedding. Don’t forget to bring your accessory with you when you do your hair trial if you are hiring an expert to style your bridal hair.

veil for beach wedding

Bride Next Door

Choosing whether or not to wear a beach wedding veil is a very personal choice. Some brides feel like a beach wedding is more laid back so it isn’t necessary, while others would just not feel like a bride without one. Do what feels right. Here are some ideas:

Birdcage Veil: This type of veil adds a little touch of vintage glamor to your look which could work nicely on the beach. We recommend going short. A birdcage veil will be great as a beach wedding veil as it is understated and will not blow around in a breeze. It will also not overwhelm your dress and gives a soft grace to your overall look. You can also add a flower to tie it closer to the beach theme.

birdcage veil beach wedding

Shoulder Length Veil: The shoulder length veil also makes a perfect beach wedding veil because it is a lot less formal and will not overwhelm your dress. It is also great for dresses with details on the back as it allows them to be seen and photographed.

shoulder length veil

Elbow Length Veil: An elbow length veil that is single or double layered is perfect for a beach wedding. It is less formal and looks wonderful with a cinched waist dress as it ends right at the waist line.

Fingertip veil: The fingertip veil is one of the veils that is most often worn by brides as it compliments most formalities (from informal beach weddings to the Royal Wedding). It also flatters most figures and dress styles, so it is a safe choice if you are dead set on wearing a veil, but you are indecisive as to which one.


Waltz Veil: The waltz veil or ballet veil as it is also called is almost getting a little too formal for a beach wedding, but it looks great with a fitted dress or a mermaid style gown if worn at the back of the head falling down the bride’s back. It also makes petite brides look taller as it creates elongated lines, so could be a consideration.

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