Choosing Jewellery For Your Wedding Day. 5 Things to Consider.


When a bride’s wedding day arrives, then they will want to make sure every little thing it perfect, and this includes the jewellery that they will be wearing. Let’s talk about what a bride should consider when choosing jewellery for their wedding day.

The Colour Of Your Gown

The colour of the gown plays a major role in the type of jewellery that a person will choose to wear. If the wedding gown is brilliant white, then it is a good idea to stay away from gold jewellery, because gold usually clashes with a white wedding gown. If the gown is white, then pearl, diamond and platinum accessories are ideal. However, if the gown is a diamond-white, antique-white or soft-white colour, this means it is not as bright then accessories that are gold and silver should be fine to wear. Gold and some shades of pearl jewellery also goes great with an ivory gown.

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Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

The engagement ring and your wedding ring also plays a huge role in what type of jewellery a person should wear on the day of their wedding. If the engagement and wedding rings are yellow gold, then try to steer clear of certain types of accessories and stick to a theme that already compliments your engagement ring. Also, do not make a mistake a have mismatched coloured jewellery, you may even have already planned and bought an engagement ring with a matching wedding band that will perfectly complement each other. This will also dictate certain rules for the rest of your accessories so the original choice in engagement ring is very important roughly speaking, yellow gold, ivory dress, pearls and cream accessories, white gold or platinum means white dress, silver, diamonds and accessories to fit.



Hair Style and Makeup

Hair style and makeup, along with the right type of jewellery, can really make a wedding gown that much more gorgeous. There is no need for a woman to go all out with her makeup on the day of her wedding. Just a little bit of natural looking makeup subtly applied with the right embellishments to the cheeks and eyes can make all the difference in the world. A bride can get her hair done and add a little bit of excitement to it by adding little pieces of jewellery to her hair, like diamonds or pearls on pins which can work with up or down do’s. If you are adding sparkle to the hair the think about the type of veil, you don’t want to have too much going on around your head so that it distracts from the dress. Live flowers will have wilted on your head by the end of the day so using high quality plastic ones is better or flora based decorations.



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Big No No’s

Brides should steer clear of wearing bracelets and gloves together. They clash and they simply do not look good together. Wearing the two together also take too much attention away from the dress and other pieces of jewellery that the bride will be wearing and taking off the gloves to put rings on is just fussy! Over-head veils are also a little unfashionable at this time and seen as archaic. Huge bell meringue type dresses are a little unfashionable and can look too much if the shape isn’t right so make sure you will have the height and the confidence to pull off a big-bottomed wedding dress. As a rule elegance is key to the dress you should look like a real lady.

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When In Doubt, Go With Diamonds And Pearls

If a bride is completely confused as to what types of jewellery she should wear on her wedding day, then the safest bet is to wear pearls and/or diamond jewellery ensuring there is a theme or matching element to the accessories, perhaps one running through the wedding. Pearls and diamonds tend to go with any type of look, keep it simple and elegant too. If a bride wants to look her best for her wedding day, and she wants to have her gown be the visual focus and look as gorgeous as possible, then she should keep all of the above tips in mind when choosing jewellery to wear on her wedding day.


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Rebecca Lowe is a fashion student who loves working on wedding fashion, she aspires one day to own or run her own boutique and knows just how important getting the perfect looks is for brides on their wedding day. Rebecca also works part-time for Samara James who provide engagement rings for a special proposal and some of the ranges have wedding bands and accessories to match.


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