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Top Do’s & Don’ts for Stress Free Wedding Dress Shopping in 2014

wedding dress shopping dos and donts

The 2014 Wedding Dress shopping season is in full effect right now. At Team Wedding we decided to focus today’s post on helping brides make the experience as stress free as possible. Take note of our top tips for stress free wedding dress shopping and your 2014 wedding planning process should be fun and productive. 

DO Learn the wedding dress shopping lingo

Much like buying engagement rings and diamonds, the bridal dress industry has its own language. Bridal salons and wedding dress designers know the lingo and if you go in without knowledge it is no fun at all. Know your “Gown Vocabulary” before you go to your appointment, so that you are sure you and the consultant are on the same page. Click here for Team Wedding’s ultimate list of wedding dress shopping lingo.

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Source: Dress by Anna Campbell

DON’T Bring a Huge Entourage

Let’s be honest here. When was the last time a group of women were all in the same room and all agreed with each other? Never! Don’t have too many people with you when shopping for your wedding dress, it is going to be a real disaster. At most, bring one or two people maximum and make sure these people know your style and personality intimately and make sure you the people you choose are ones whos opinions matter to you the most.

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DO Take Advantage of Bridal Consultants

Bridal consultants know what they’re doing. They live and breathe wedding gowns ever single day and most of them work with hundreds of brides. They know what they have in stock, they’ve seen every size and shape bride you can imagine, and they know how to flatter any body type. They’re tips and hints are invaluable, so always ask for their advice when shopping for your special dress.

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DO Take Pictures

The dress fits great, has your style and is just perfect in the mirror. Take a picture. What looks great in a mirror may not be so hot in a photo. Take pictures of yourself in the wedding dresses to make sure they look the way you want. Don’t just take stand up photos either, you’re going to have to pose in the dress so move around and get some shots to make sure you’re comfortable it looks good and photographs well.

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DON’T Limit Yourself to One Style

Many brides think they have a vision for the dress they want. They have photos in hand, Pinterest boards saved and they know the style, material and nuances of the perfect gown. The truth is that you only get to do this once, so be adventurous. A different silhouette or material may flatter you better so don’t box yourself with one style and potentially miss your dream dress. Try on styles  you’re unsure about, you never know how they might look on your own body.

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DON’T Believe TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress”

It’s a guilty pleasure, watching bride after bride on TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress”. The problem is that is gives you a false sense of what your experience will and should be like. T.V. and real life are not the same and wedding dress shopping is no different.

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DON’T Wear The Wrong Underwear

This is one most brides don’t even think about until it is embarrassingly too late. Simple rule is to make sure you wear nice underwear. The bridal consultant and likely your friends are going to see you in them, so make the effort. Wear neutral colored panties and a strapless bra, that’s going to give you the best practical set up.

Dream Dress by Paloma Blanca
Source: Dream Dress by Paloma Blanca

DON’T Forget About The Extras

Ever bought a car and they add on extras till you look at the final tally and the price has almost doubled from the base price. Wedding gowns work the same way. The dress is just one part of the cost. Most dresses will need some type of alterations, and then you’re going to need undergarments, the veil, shoes, and jewelry. These costs add up very quickly especially when your buying them in bridal stores. Be prepared.

Theia White Fall 2014

DO Remember Your Budget, Always. 

This is a no brainer. Don’t try on dresses you can’t afford. The simple law of attraction says you’re going to fall in love with the dress you can’t have and then you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Don’t do it.

MORI LEE 1959 wedding dress

DO Move Around A Lot

You’re not going to just stand on a podium and look at your self in the mirror at your wedding. Between walking down the aisle, some photos, sitting down to eat and lots of dancing, you’re going to be moving around a lot. Make sure your dress can accommodate all the activities you plan to do at your at your ceremony and reception.

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