The Stages of being a Bride!

photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc
photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

1. Before getting engaged, every girl says I am not going to be one of those brides. I want a simple and small wedding. I will only invite family and very close friends. I don’t want it to be a very stressful day.

2. You’re engaged now

3. Your happiness has no limits you could just blow up with little love hearts and rainbows and unicorns.

4. You declare it officially on Facebook and people load you with good wishes and hugs.

5. Now the questions start pouring in. Is the date set? What is the theme? Who’s going to be your bridesmaid?

6. You start feeling uneasy now

7. Now you create your budget, set your date, call all your close friends to your bridal party and you are feeling very good again.

8. You have started looking into bridal magazines now

9. You jus realize that you have to make a hundred decisions.

10. Leave aside the menu and the venue; you also have to choose the freaking cutlery and the napkins.

11. When you have made a decision on what you want, you find out that it’s very costly. You have entered the wedding world now, and left the real world where money burns like crazy.

12. You now start hunting for cheaper options and catering equipment hire companies.


13. You start spending all day on eBay.

14. You start visited all kinds of wedding blogs to get ideas on how you could make your wedding the best ever.

15. You surf pinterest and make a separate wedding board section, which is overloaded with more than a 100 categories.

16. Now you know the exact difference between white, diamond white and pearl, and as the days pass you keep on learning things that you never knew existed.

17. You go to buy a dress and you vow that you will never eat again, at least for he next three months or so.

18. Than you find the perfect wedding dress and everything is so right for you.

19. You just see the price tag and realize that its taking 50% of your total budget.

20. You guest list in the mean while has moved from 80 to 400 due to the cousins who were just born and the aunties on your moms side, who haven’t seen since you were 5 years old, but your mom is keen to invite them.

21. Wouldn’t it be cool to just DIY it all?

22. And bargain, bargain and bargain

23. In the end you have to accept that this baby is way out of your budget and start feeling excited again.

24. Only a month left to the big day, and you just cant hold on to your tears.

25. Can’t stop crying.

26. What if something goes terribly wrong?

27. You start crying again.

28. You start cursing yourself for deciding to DIY.

29. You start picking fights with your fiancé because you think HE JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND

30. The big day is now here. You wake up that day, did you even sleep? And start thinking is this really happening.

31. You planned so much, ordered the flowers, called the chair hire company, did all this arrangements for this day.


32. You begin to order around your bridesmaid and you are risking friendships here.

33. You are on your way to the aisle, and you could even vomit out of nervousness and spoil your wonderful, expensive gown.

34. You just start walking down the aisle, and you just see you fiancés smiling face.

35. At this very moment, everything in the whole world feels so right.

36. It was all worth it.