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Q: “How do I dress the men in the wedding?”

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How do I dress the men in the wedding?

Frequently, a bride wants her groom and his men to wear tuxedos. This is especially true when she wants to wear a formal gown. However, bridal attire should match the formality of all elements of the wedding. For example, if it is a formal evening affair, tuxedos would be an appropriate choice. Consequently, if the tuxedo is preferred, it’s best to shift the wedding into the evening.

Suggested Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Very Formal Daytime

Cutaway coat, gray striped trousers, wing-collared shirt, waistcoat, and striped tie or ascot.
Very Formal Evening

Full-dress tailcoat, matching trousers, wing-collared shirt, white waistcoats and bow ties.
Formal Daytime

Stroller, waistcoat, striped trouser, and striped ties–darks suits are an option.
Formal Evening

Tuxedo, bow or four-in-hand tie, and vest or cummerbund.
Semi-Formal Daytime

Semi-Formal Evening

Dark suit.
Informal Daytime

Suit, blazer or sport jacket and slacks.
Informal Evening

Dark suit.