White Gold Round Enhancer by Gabriel New York

16 Creative Wedding Rings We Think You’ll Love

An engagement ring begins the journey, but it’s the wedding ring that seals the deal. And, today, we’re venturing on an offbeat path in terms of wedding style. Your band choice should signify your undying love and commitment, but it should also show off your individual styles and personality as well.

Below we’ve featured 16 creative wedding rings we think you’ll love. From multi-metals to intricate textures, there’s something that will certainly strike the fancy of a variety of brides and grooms. If you’re thinking of straying from tradition, then you’ll definitely want to scroll through and have a peek at some of our favorite designs.

16 Creative Wedding Rings We Think You’ll Love

Baguette Eternity Ring

Baguette Eternity Ring by Lizza Mandler

Stunning alongside a dainty engagement ring, or beautiful on its own, the Lizza Mandler Baguette Eternity ring is a stunner. It’s made with 18k yellow gold and 1.5 x 3 mm baguette diamonds. There’s also an option of ordering the design in rose gold.

Thin Baguette Stacking Ring

Baguette Eternity Ring by Lizza Mandler

  • From: Suzanne Kalan
  • Buy: Nordstrom
  • Price: $1,000

Here’s another delicate design that sings of unique appeal and romance. Shoppers can order it in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. And we love that variety, as it’s a design that could fit nicely with so many differently styled engagement rings. Its geometric style will play to the hearts of more contemporary lovers.

Cirque Meeting Arrows Ring

Cirque Meeting Arrows Ring by Jane Taylor

A personal favorite with a contemporary spirit and art deco-inspiration, the Cirque, not only has an accessible price tag but it’s both unique enough to stand out and versatile enough to stand with a classic engagement ring. White topaz and 14k yellow gold bring this gorgeous design to life – and those arrows are custom cut!

Organic Band

 Organic Band by Todd Reed

  • From: Todd Reed
  • Buy: Todd Reed
  • Price: $2,530

Here’s a band that’s fit for a man with offbeat style. This Tom Reed design is made with 22k yellow gold, sterling silver with patina, and black diamonds. It’s really like you’re wearing a piece of art on your hands as each piece is one of a kind!

Je T’aime Ring

Je T'aime Ring by Nora Kogan

Maybe you’d like something with an extra sentimental value attached. If so, this beautiful, yellow gold design is marked with je t’aime, “I love you” in French, and filled with diamonds. This is such a beautiful addition to the overall wedding set and could match with a classic diamond engagement ring so nicely.

Kissing Claw Ring

Kissing Claw Ring by Eva Fehren

  • From: Eva Fehren
  • Buy: Barneys
  • Price: $6,450

Check out this stunning “Kissing Claw” ring from Eva Fehren. It’s got a romance bout of symbolism and chic style surrounding its creative design. Pale champagne diamonds and rose gold round out the finished look and is handcrafted in New York City.

Gold Lotus Band

Gold Lotus Band by Me&Ro

This ring is stamped with a gorgeous, lotus flower design. It features recycled 18k yellow gold and white diamonds at the center of each motif. The lotus is known to represent beauty and creation, which is such a sentimental way to mark the day that you and your love exchanged vows.

Cigar Ring

Cigar Ring by Emily P. Wheeler

  • From: Emily P. Wheeler
  • Buy: Link
  • Price: $14,800

This “Cigar” ring can be worn on its own without an engagement accompaniment. And goodness, will it shine. With a five-carat diamond weight and sparkling all around the eternity design, onlookers will need some shades to take away its glistening lights. If you’re looking for a splurge, this is the pick.

Avant Ring “Super”

 Avant Ring "Super" by Marli NYC

  • From: Marli NYC
  • Buy: Marli NYC
  • Price: $3,400

It’s got both an old-age spirit and a fashion-forward energy about it. The “Avant” is such a classy, personal design that we’re swooning for. The finished style is made with 18k gold (order it in white, rose, or yellow) and .30 carats worth of diamonds.

White Gold Round Enhancer

White Gold Round Enhancer by Gabriel New York

Gabriel New York brings us this gorgeous ring enhancer, which is unique but also a great way to “enhance” an engagement ring. It’s made of 14k white gold and is a great route to take for those that like chicer, more sophisticated styles. The asymmetrical design creates a contemporary finish to your wedding set.

Vera Champagne Diamond Band

These dainty bands are so fun to snack, mix, and match. The simple design makes it unique in and of itself, but we love the blend between the different bands and how fun they would be as a counterpart to your engagement ring. Order the design in 18k yellow or rose gold with champagne diamonds.

Black Diamond Rose Gold Zipper Ring

Black Diamond Rose Gold Zipper Ring by Eva Fehren

For some extra edgy and mysterious, take a quick look at this gorgeous rose gold “Zipper” ring from Eva Fehren. It’s got a rockstar quality that we love and would look incredible with a black diamond engagement ring if you just so happen to have one already. The pave-set black diamonds offset the jagged edges of the design nicely.

Move Romane Ring

Move Romane Ring by Messika Paris

  • From: Messika Paris
  • Buy: Messika
  • Price: $3,470

A modern, graphic design is what this piece is first and foremost. Wearing it alongside your engagement ring is easy but it’s also a style that you can rock alone as well. Coming in 18k white gold with pave-set diamonds, the three larger diamonds are said to represent the love of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Diamond Arrow Ring

Diamond Arrow Ring by Michelle Fantaci

Here’s another funky design that’s offset by some art deco flair. This diamond “Arrow” ring is such a beauty with its square step cut diamonds. It’s made with 14k yellow gold and .12 carat diamonds; a delicate piece to pair alongside your engagement ring.


Ceres by Spinelli Kilcollin

We’re swooning for this “knotted” design from Spinelli Kilcollin as well. As its description explains, “In Greek mythology, Ceres guides the laws of marriage. Two linked bands, which symbolize the joining of two people in marriage, make the Ceres ring.” Made with 18k yellow gold, white gold, and pave-set diamonds, it’ll knock you off your feet.

Wheel of Fortune Diamond Ring

Wheel of Fortune Diamond Ring by Hirotaka

  • From: Hirotaka
  • Buy: Hirotaka
  • Price: $612

Finally, we present to you the “Wheel of Fortune” ring from Hirotaka. Created with 10k yellow gold and a sprinkle of diamonds, it’s probably one of the most unique designs on the list. For those looking to really go outside the box of tradition, you’ll want to take a second look at this beauty.