The Perfect Accessories For Unique Wedding Themes

Before a bride begins wedding planning, she usually has to select a theme for the big day. Whether you’re opting for a simple traditional wedding or one filled with glamour and glitz, these themes are sure to charm your guests.

Great Gatsby

Jump back in time to the 1920s with a Great Gatsby themed wedding featuring an ambiance of class, luxury, and entertainment. This vibrant yet classic style is sure to catch the attention of all your guests. Incorporate pearls, feathers, vintage style chandeliers, candles, and maybe a flapper to capture the true feel of this lavish flashback in time.

Drape yourself in pearls or try an art deco style bracelet, like this vintage bracelet from, for a polished and classic look.

Queen of Hearts

If you’re getting married around Valentine’s Day, or simply enjoy Alice In Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts theme is sure to show your love for each other in a creative way. The simple black, white, and red color scheme is timeless and beautiful. You can also customize a deck of playing cards as the seating chart for each of your guests.

To incorporate your theme into your dress, try this heart shaped pendant necklace on


It will seem like you skipped the wedding and headed straight to your honeymoon with a beach themed ceremony and reception. The smell of the sea, the calm breeze, and the subtle sounds of the crashing waves naturally create a romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable night. Include message in a bottle invitations, seashells and pearls in your centerpieces, and maybe even a small treasure chest as your party favors.

A delicate bracelet or necklace featuring sea life will make you feel one with the waves. Or, for a more subtle approach, try a pair of pearl earrings like these by After all, they do come from under the sea.


A garden theme is a great choice for a spring or summer wedding. Incorporating the outdoors is sure to create an effortless feel throughout your wedding. The woodsy nature of this theme creates a whimsical and romantic atmosphere on its own. Incorporate lights, such as lanterns or a string of tea lights. Try incorporating bright colored flowers and tree branches in your centerpieces to prevent it from blending in with the background.

Floral jewelry is currently trending, and would be the perfect accessory for any bride with a garden themed wedding. Try this gorgeous bracelet from


The beautiful plumage of a peacock surprises guests with a splash of color and instant drama. With alluring shades of blue, green, and purple, the peacock has the perfect color scheme ready for your special day. For your centerpieces, blue and purple orchids look great paired with peacock feathers. You can also consult a florist to makeshift a peacock tail out of the flowers in your bouquet.

The Peacock color scheme makes it easy to find your ‘something blue’ by selecting a blue gemstone jewelry item without it looking premeditated. Try this beautiful piece at