Jewelry for bridesmaids

The first step is made: the bride has chosen her favorite girls to be next to her as bridesmaids. There are some other things that need to be done: choosing the bridesmaids dresses and the jewelry for brides. We won’t take into account for now the first step, there’s the other one that seems more interesting to us in this particular moment: the jewelry for bridesmaids.

There are some questions that the bride has to make to herself and only she has the answers….

First of all, do you want all the jewelry for bridesmaids to be the same or to be different in color or style?

Are you thinking of applying for a necklace serving as jewelry ? Also, if you decide on such an accessory then you have to think if you want it to be made in choker style or with a medallion attached….

Do you want the bridesmaids jewelry to consist in earrings? And if so, are these going to be made like chandeliers or dangle earrings?

Besides all the details mentioned up to this moment for jewelry for bridesmaids you also have to take into account if you want them to wear a bracelet, a ring, a brooch or sparkling hairpins….

The color of the jewelry is also important: are these made without color, are these matching with the bridesmaid dress or is it a complementing color?

The jewelry  can be made, like in the case of the bridal jewelry, in gold or silver. You decide what material suits the bridesmaids better!

To these questions and ideas only you have a proper answer and you, as the bride, take the general decisions.

The most common pick at the level of bridesmaids is to apply for a matching earrings and necklace set. There are some cases in which some bridesmaid dresses are going to look greater with only a pair of earrings and other look swell only with a bracelet. Think of how charged or not is the bridesmaid dress and depending on this matter you’re going to apply for these accessories.

The tastes vary from a wedding to another – some brides may choose their bridesmaids to wear the jewelry in matching color with their dresses or to be similar in style with the pieces of jewelry that they applied for.

Before taking a final decision, here are some inspiring points of view and useful hints concerning the jewelry for bridesmaids….

First of all, you have to choose those that match perfectly with their dresses.

The pieces of jewelry that you’ve chosen for each bridesmaid has to suit each one of them and in the same time they have to be made in such a manner that the girl enjoys wearing these.

Don’t over exaggerate with details at the level : keep it simple!

Another useful hint is related to the way in which the bridesmaid jewelry is made: simple and less elaborate than that of the bride.