Why Wedding Bands from the Past are Perfect for the Present

The past in back in a big way, from popular TV shows to the floral patterns that have been popping up in spring fashions. Thus, it’s not a surprise that vintage-style wedding bands are popular at present; however, their beauty is more than a passing fad. Although the designs of these rings are inspired by the looks of long ago, their ability to represent love—and do it with style—is more than relevant today.

Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band, 14K White GoldTouches of the past can make us slow down and savor the moment, as they provide a glimpse of a time when life was simpler and moved at a more manageable pace. Wedding rings that are inspired by these simpler times are ideal symbols of love that seems to make time stand still and that’s able to pull you away from your list of to-dos.

Many vintage wedding bands are inspired by the Victorian Era, a time that often captures imaginations in the form of a host of novels, films and television shows. The appeal of this era is hard to deny, and rings that depict the styles of the time have equal allure. These pieces capture a sense of romance, one that sweeps you off your feet and catches you in midair.

Several common themes are often seen in antique-style wedding bands. For example, floral motifs appear frequently in vintage wedding rings, and their presence gives a big nod to the patterns that adorned many a Victorian tapestry. These designs portray an unmistakable sense of femininity, calling to mind a time when women were ladies and their suitors were gentlemen.

Paisley wedding bands are also popular vintage styles, and their graceful curlicues add a touch of whimsy and elegance. While paisley motifs originated long before the Victorian Era, their popularity during this time period makes them lovely symbols of the romance of a century ago.

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding BandWedding bands that have been inspired by the past have already proven their ability to remain both beautiful and relevant decade after decade, making vintage engagement rings excellent picks when you’re in search of a piece that will retain its appeal for the long haul. These bands’ ability to endure no matter what’s trending in wedding jewelry also makes them ideal picks when you’re looking for a symbol of love that will last, and that will only become more treasured with the passing of time.

Vintage wedding bands are also excellent picks for anyone in search of symbols of love that display exquisite craftsmanship. Many of these rings are hand-crafted, making each one unique and perfectly suited to celebrate that the love you share is one of a kind.

Whether paired with a vintage-style engagement ring, worn with a classic solitaire or sported solo, vintage wedding bands are perfect picks for the present and for the future. These gorgeous rings do far more than capture the romance that sweeps you off your feet today: their time-tested styles are celebrations of true love that lasts a lifetime.