Showing engagement ring

Important things when showing the engagement ring

My dear brides to be, you have just been proposed and because you said “yes” you have received a gorgeous engagement ring. Well, congratulations! But, there are a few important things you need to do, as far as the next step is concerned. So, listen and follow our pieces of advice, in order to make sure that everything will end well.

As you well know the immediate step after the question has been popped will be to announce everybody about the upcoming wedding ceremony.

And, when announcing this happy event, there is one thing you could be certain of: everybody will want to see your engagement ring.

This is the point we wanted to discuss, when looking at the ring their eyes will inevitably fall upon you finger and nails. This should make you think and realize that when looking at your hands you wouldn’t want them to see an ugly manicure. As a result, before the meeting with your relatives and friends make an appointment at a beauty salon for a nice and beautiful manicure.

In case you don’t have time for something like this, you should do it yourself. You should grab your nail file and polish and take care of your finger nails. Treat these heavenly because they are about to be attentively examined. After all you know what they say: the hands of a person are the mirror of one’s hygiene.

But, in case you don’t have time for this either, you should just erase the old nail polish (in case it is sloppy and half removed) and you will be just fine. It is better to have nothing at all on your finger nails, then to have them half painted with nail polish.

So, my dear brides to be take these pieces of advice into consideration, in order to make sure that no one will have bad comments, as far as your hands are concerned. Besides that, you will feel safer and better with yourself if you know that you have nothing to hide. In the end, take care of your hands and present a wonderful manicure, so that you may be happy to expose your engagement ring.