Hair wedding jewelry

If you are having your second wedding or you just have decided not to wear the veil, should know that hair accessories are more than necessary. Whether they are used to adorn hair or to fix it, here are the fashion trends in terms of wedding accessories.

Although most brides are crazy about classic tiara that seem never to go out of style, there are others who prefer not to wear something in their hair at the wedding day or catch a small clip or comb which is called the “hair jewel “in specialized language. These jewelry are often made of various stones, but is not mandatory that they are precious. They also can be composed of different materials such as gold, silver, platinum and others.

They can easily take the shape of a flower, a butterfly, heart or twigs of a tree, there are models for all tastes. In addition they may fix your hair just enough, without the need for a specialist. They are provided with grip and they do not slip or fall even when you are dancing.

Hair jewelry is easier to use than tiaras. With their help, you can have any hairstyle you want. From classic loops to curls or left back pined up in a “horse tail”.

Brides who choose, in general, this kind of hair jewelry are also careful to match the rest of their accessories with them. We know clearly that the most pleasant thing is to create a whole, pleasant sight. If you have gold earrings and necklace, the hair jewelry should be made of the same material. Instead, if you choose to wear pearls, you must not wear in your hair rock jewelry.

Tiaras are the hottest trend in bridal fashion hair accessories. With a whole tradition behind, tiaras symbolize honor, purity and tranquility. The designers believe that when it comes to tiaras, the recipe is that they must be small and subtle. At her wedding, Elizabeth Hurley opted for a tiara with semiprecious stones, evoking the romance of a fairy tale princess.

Jeweled tiaras. Want more brightness? Most designers are working with crystals, sparkling diamonds and metals. The latest trend is giving a real meaning to the tradition of wearing something blue. Now tiaras are made with colored inlays jewelry, amethyst color. Pearls are going great, regardless of the wedding theme and bridal dress.

Hair jewelry! This year, the New York accessories designer Nelson D’Leon has revolutionized the concept of jewelry for the hair, decorating the bride’s hair with pins, diamonds and crystals. He used tiny metal orchids and bright Swarovski crystals to give every bride the chance to be princess for a day. Their advantage is that you can pin a shank, a tail part or all your hair in a loop. If you want a veil, you can attach it separately with the help of a clip at your nape.