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F Stamp Inside Engagement Ring. What Is It?

What does the “F” on the inside of my engagement rin mean?

I recently noticed a logo/stamp in my engagement ring that looks like a diamond with a capital F inside of it. I’ve seen rings that have just the little diamond to verify the ring’s stones are diamonds, but how does the F change that? It should still be diamonds, right? I read online all kinds of things, ex: it represents who made the ring, what size the ring is, or possibly the color or clarity of the diamond. So confused! Didn’t mention it to fiancé, regardless I love my ring and don’t want him to think I’m complaining about it.



It is altogether possible that the manufacturer who made your ring is doing something altogether different, such as stamping thediamond color quality on the inside of the ring. But as a jeweler, I have never seen that done. More likely it is the manufacturer’s initials, which is the called hallmark. By industry standards, a manufacturer is required to place two stamps inside a ring (1) the stamp showing the karat of the metals used, such as 14k, 18k, etc. (2) Initials representing the manufacturer’s name. So for example, if a manufacturer’s name is “Fullerton Jewelers”, they may place “FJ” on the inside. These are normal things on a ring and do not detract from its worth. In fact, I would be more worried if nothing was stamped on the inside.

Keep in mind also that the retailer which you purchased the ring from is not the one who will stamp their initials on the ring, but the manufacturer (who in most cases you will not know).

Hope this clarifies it.

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As you have discovered, there are many types of marks used in the manufacture of rings. Hallmarks, assay marks, logos and other indications of quality weight, metal and identifying attributes are commonly used. Because there are so many marks in use, it is difficult to determine exactly what the mark in your ring signifies from your description. A diamond shape containing the letter F is not a standard designation of diamond quality. More likely it could be an assay mark or a maker’s mark. The good news is that all of these marks are indicators of quality. If there are other marks inside the band, those might also help to provide more information about your ring. If you are able to upload a photo of the mark(s), I may be able to provide more assistance in identifying it.