heart shaped engagement ring

Heart-shaped diamond ring – worn up or down?

How should a heart shaped diamond ring be worn?

My fiance bought me a heart-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring. Which way does the point of the heart face, upward toward me or downward toward my fingernails? 

Wedding Queen

This is a question I personally get a lot because I too have aheart shaped engagement ring. I have found that this shape is very rare and I have received many compliments on it over the years. There is no right or wrong way to wear it but i think the theory is that wearing the point facing away from you (away from your fingernail) is supposed to mean you are more-open hearted.

heart shaped diamond ring

Wearing the point toward you is supposed to signify selfishness. I think the reasoning behind this theory is that when YOU look at your own hand you see the heart as it was meant to appear, right side up. Well, if that makes me selfish, then I’m selfish, because I do love to look at my own ring and admire it!

how should heart shaped diamon be worn

Bridal Expert

If you are unattached, you would wear the point of the heart away from your body or hand. If you have “given” your heart to someone (which you obviously have given you’re engaged), you turn it and have the point toward your body. This is supposed to give people the signal that you are taken. Unfortunately, not too many people know this custom anymore so I am not sure it really matters which way it faces.

Heart shaped diamond ring- how to wear it?

I have a heart shaped engagement ring. I have been wearing it with the point of the heart facing me. today i was at a jewelry store and the lady working there told me the heart should face outward. i told h and he said he agrees. wdyt? it looks strange on my finger facing outward in my opinion. 

Bride Next Door

I guess it’s “supposed” to face outward so that, when you show others your hand, it is right side up for them. I can understand the reasoning behind wearing it point up but you’re the one who’s going to be looking at it all the time, so I’d wear it whatever way you want. If you’re showing it to people, just hold up your hand with your fingers pointing up and palm facing you, if that makes sense (see below example). Then it will be in the right direction from their perspective.