We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off of These Engagement Rings in 2018

2018’s engagement ring trends embrace subtle, unique touches. From distinctive diamond shapes to eye-catching (and money saving) gemstone rings, this year’s trends show that there’s a lot to love on the scene right now. Let’s take a closer look at the best of 2018’s engagement ring trends. 

Choose a Moissanite 

Moissanite is a relatively new gemstone that has been taking the engagement ring scene by storm. This highly brilliant gemstone was discovered in 1893 by the French scientist Henri Moissan, who found the gem when inspecting a meteorite that had fallen from the sky. Moissan initially thought that the gems he found were diamonds but, upon closer inspection, he found that they were something completely new. 

It’s easy to see why Moissan thought the moissanite he found was a diamond. They’re similar in appearance, with a clear white look and a dazzling sparkle. This is a major part of moissanite’s appeal, along with moissanite’s incredible price. Because natural moissanite is incredibly rare, most of what you see today has been lab made. As a result, moissanite usually costs only 10% of what a comparable diamond would cost. Not only does it look very similar to a diamond, with a much nicer price tag, it’s also naturally more brilliant (meaning, more sparkly). So, if you want the look of a diamond with more sparkle and a more affordable price tag, a moissanite engagement ring might be perfect for you. 

Go Pink with Morganite 

Morganite is a beautiful pink variety of Beryl, which puts it in the same family as aquamarine and emerald. This soft pink gemstone has been trending due to its gorgeous, romantic color. While morganite looks beautiful with the warm yellow of yellow gold and the icy white of platinum and white gold, it looks particularly lovely when paired with rose gold, which has also been a big 2018 trend. Together, these two luxe pink materials create a look that’s incredibly sweet and feminine. 

As an added bonus, morganites, like many other gemstone options, are much more affordable than diamonds. By choosing a morganite engagement ring over a traditional diamond ring, you can get a ring with a more eye-catching, distinctive look at a price that’s, on average, 90% lower. 

Oval Cut 

Oval cut diamonds have been trending in recent years, thanks to their classic, yet unique look. This ring has been the choice of many of today’s style-savvy brides, including Haley Baldwin, who recently received an absolutely incredible oval engagement ring that appears to be at least 8 carats. 

Not only do oval engagement rings offer a beautiful style, they also have the advantage of looking larger per carat than most diamond shapes. This is due to their shape, which has a higher surface area on the top of the diamond than other diamond shapes. 

Cushion Cut is Back

Cushion cut diamonds are having a major moment in 2018. This vintage-style diamond cut was once the most popular diamond cut, back when it was referred to as the old mine cut. The cushion cut diamond is shaped like a square with rounded corners. This diamond shape is cut with a chunkier facet pattern than most modern cuts, which gives it an attractive vintage look and better fire (which is the name for the rainbow pattern of light emitted by a diamond). 

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings offer a unique old world style that is quite romantic. And like the oval cut, the cushion cut has been a big celebrity trend. Most recently, we saw this cut on the ring that Nick Jonas gave to his new fiancé Priyanka Chopra, which features a gorgeous cushion cut diamond on a slim band.