Large Engagement Ring

5 Hacks That Will Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

It’s totally OK to admit that spending according to your budget is the most practical thing you can do when picking an engagement ring. However, there’s just something about a large stone that just craves for attention, and when you’re set to marry, there’s nothing that you’d want more than to shout it to the world. Don’t worry; there are several effective hacks that you can follow to still have that huge diamond on your engagement ring without having to exhaust your finances. The only trick is to make it appear bigger than it really is!

Go Beyond The Round Shapes

There’s so much more to engagement stones than just the round shapes. Not only are they more expensive, they also tend to look a lot smaller than less popular shapes of the same price range. And since they have the most difficult cut, they tend to have the most wastage from the rough stone.

Explore beyond the round cuts and consider fancier shapes like a marquise, pear, or oval—all of which can give you more stone worth your money. Moreover, sporting an attention-seeking ring that screams UNIQUE is easily your cherry on top.

Keep All Else Small

Since you are making sure that your engagement diamond looks its best and biggest, keep every detail of your ring much smaller. Choosing a slim band over a wider one will greatly emphasize the size of your stone, making it appear larger than it really is. If there are any, don’t overdo with the accent stones as well, as anything thick or chunky can overwhelm the diamond’s size. Keep this in mind when you scout for discounted engagement rings online.

Give The Halo Setting A Try

A halo diamond ring is when the stone is accented with several smaller diamonds covering a large surface area on its surrounding. These smaller diamonds are held by prongs that keep them in place. Since they are placed together, they reflect as a whole, fusing their appearance to your stone and making your stone appear much bigger. This is a clever way to make the illusion of a large stone, since the smaller individual stones are barely detected in causal observations unless inspected up close.

Spice Up Your Ring With Colored Stones

While traditional diamonds still make up most engagement rings today, adding colored stones as accents continues to trend today. Aside from the pop of color that will make your ring stand out from the rest, accentuating your engagement ring with colored stones can also help trick the eye into seeing a bigger center diamond. If you’re still not comfortable with bold colors, you may incorporate light hues like pinks or greens. That will definitely add more personality to your jewelry. You can even look for similar styles in cheap bridal sets online!

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Ring Regularly

You will be surprised how much shine your diamond can give if you don’t regularly clean it. Cleaning your engagement ring is probably the easiest hack you can do to make your diamond appear bigger. Once it is regularly polished, it sparkles ever so brightly and give the appearance of a larger stone. Experts recommend having your engagement ring professionally cleaned a few times every year. There’s simply no reason to squeeze your wallet far too much to get that huge stone that you want. You can always make a few tweaks here and there and still nail that impressive engagement ring!