She Doesn’t Want a Diamond Ring (Second Marriage)

Different Stone for Second Marriage? She Doesn’t Want a Diamond Ring.

We have both been married once before and are discussing marriage. She has said she does not want a diamond wedding ring and suggested because it will be her second marriage. I respect her opinion but I had never heard of this concern and always felt that a diamond was the only recognized symbol for such a commitment. Can you comment? 

Wedding Queen

Congratulations on getting engaged. There is no “rule” that says a diamond ring is necessary to “seal” the engagement. In fact, there doesn’t have to be any ring at all unless you want one. I think Princess Diana received a blue sapphire engagement ring. So, I suppose if it’s good enough for royalty…  If you’re worried about selecting the best ring for her, then go shopping together and get some ideas about what she likes. We hope you’ll come back with any new questions you might stumble upon while planning your wedding.

sapphire engagement ring

The Jeweler

Agreed! Diamonds are not necessary. Do speak with her to see if she wants any engagement ring at all and if so, what kind of stone. I wish you both all the best

AKI Diamonds

Hello Derek. Please let me wish you many congratulations on taking this big step!

While the diamond is the most recognized symbol of engagement, there is no rule that says it has to be the only symbol. There are indeed some people who choose to go with a stone other than diamond for an engagement ring for various reasons. It is possible that your fiancee-to-be may find that a diamond of any shape may bring up too many unpleasant memories of her first marriage.

blue topaz engagement ring

Whatever the reason, please do not worry. There are many other stones with which to get engaged with such as a sapphire, citrine, blue topaz or any stone whose color holds special meaning to the two of you. You can even consider getting engaged with a ring featuring her birthstone (as long as her birthday is not in April because April’s birthstone is diamond).

Whatever stone you decide upon, please make sure that it is durable enough for wearing in a ring. For example, an emerald or opal would not be a wise choice due to durability concerns.

citrine engagement ring

Once you decide on that special stone and get engaged, you will quickly see the biggest benefit to choosing a stone other than diamond. The stone will uniquely symbolize the love you share, your forthcoming marriage and your future together. Best of luck!