The Story Behind the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

Expensive engagement rings are old news. Celebrities are constantly outdoing one another and upping the ante with every new announcement of a proposal. From Beyonce’s 18-carat stunner to Kim Kardashian’s 15-carat cushion cut beauty, we’re used to seeing extravagant price tags in the magazines and the extra-large sparkle in blogs online.

But what about the world’s most expensive wedding ring? Well, it wasn’t even bought for a bride-to-be. Instead, it was bought for a 7-year old.


Actually, it was the world’s most expensive diamond that was bought by a billionaire Hong Kong tycoon, for his daughter. It was the “Blue Moon” diamond and it sold for $48.4 million making it the highest price per carat ever obtained.

How many carats was it, you ask? It weighed in at 12.03 carats but it’s unique beauty and fame came from its vivid, sparkly blue hue. Mined in South Africa, it was a “perfect” blue diamond because of its highest marks in both color grading and in clarity – one of the rarest of the rare ever to be found.


The Story Behind the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

In 2015, the diamond was auctioned off in Geneva at the November Magnificent Jewels Auction. Because of its rarity the price was determined during the auction, which included those that could actually afford its ridiculously high (unprecedented) price tag.

The estimations for the Blue Moon diamond were between 34 to 54 million. With it eventually being sold at more than $4 million per carat!


Hong Kong billionaire, Joseph Lau, bought the diamond as a gift for his 7-year old daughter, Josephine. He promptly renamed the diamond after the purchase – The Blue Moon of Josephine.

The interesting thing behind the story is that this wasn’t even her first gemstone in her collection. The night before, her father also bought her a 16.08 carat pink diamond for $28.5 million and renamed it Sweet Josephine.

The Story Behind the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

Josephine isn’t his only daughter though. He’s the owner of yet another blue diamond. Weighing in at 9.75 carats is the Zoe Diamond – named after his daughter Zoe.

The Story Behind the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring