White and yellow gold for wedding rings

Choosing the color for your wedding rings depends on the taste of each couple. It’s very well known that the men prefer discrete wedding rings and they’re always running away from yellow gold. The “conflict” between white gold and yellow gold depends on several factors, from preferences tied to the tone to the durability of the material.

Like in the white of the wedding dress, the yellow gold is associated most common with the idea of wedding and implicit with the wedding rings, the white variant of the pieces of jewelry gains more and more terrain. The brides that are in concordance with the fashion trends, in general, and with those that surround weddings in particular apply for new models, which propose the white gold as an alternative for the traditional one.

Step one: combination of tones!

Choosing the color for the wedding rings takes into account the thematic of the wedding and the personality of the groom. A classical wedding, traditional, supposes wedding rings that are placed more and more in the imposed limits. So, the yellow gold maintains its status being a reflection of the classical style.
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There are some couples that try to go towards both sides and choose the wedding rings that contain white gold and a yellow option as well through classical insertions, curved lines or motifs that confer the most of the wedding theme.

Another factor that grooms and brides should tale into account when they choose the tone of the wedding rings is the color of their skin. There are some brunette brides who fear of the yellow option of golf and have in their jewelry cassette accessories made of silver or white gold. In any other case picking the material from which the wedding ring is made of takes into account the other elements that can be encountered on the bride, but your lifestyle as well. For example, if the engagement ring that you wear has a blue stone the most probable thing is that you’re going to choose a wedding ring made of white gold that emphasizes it more.

White gold, is it more durable?

The difference between white gold and the yellow one in what concerns the wedding rings consists in the quantity of pure gold used next to silver. In both types they contain about 58% of pure gold, the rest being used for alloy.

The durability of white gold in comparison with the one of the yellow god is a problem that has been encountered throughout the time – it’s an important matter. The pure gold is extremely mild, so it can’t be used simple for other pieces of jewelry.