Brilliant wedding pearl earrings

The first cultured pearls were  first appeared on the market in Japan, in the early twentieth century and are quite difficult to find them. The cultured pearls are from different types: freshwater pears, saltwater pearls – Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

The pearls are also called “The Queen jewelry” and are the symbol of the supreme elegance. Telling the difference between the real pearls and the imitation pearls is simple, first off all the tooth test and then the price of the real pearls is high enough, for example the price of this pearl earring above is $ 1 .375. Lucky for us that in this period they offer discounts and the real price right now is $ 275.00, a great bargain isn’t it?

If you want a different color for your wedding pearl earrings you can find them also in black, pink, gold, lavender and chocolate color. The pearl earrings shapes are different too, and can be, beginning with the classic round shape, near round, drop shape, button, coin and baroque shape.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

For those who loves gold and pearl at the same time, this earring are perfect for you; don’t forget that you have to match these pearl earrings with your wedding dress and with the rest of the jewelries.

If you are going to have a colored wedding dress thesse yellow gold drop shape chocolate pearl earrings are  a very good option. These pearl earrings are perfect for a side updo hairstyle, a curly updo or a bun style updo.

The baroque pearls, also called nugget pearls, are grown from saltwater and freshwater sheels. Are very suitable for a vintage wedding dress, even though are not really my type. These model of Tahitian pearl & diamond swirl earrings, maybe are a little expensive but if you really want something different and original this is what you were looking for. You can find them in different colors too.

Usually, the pearls are quite expensive and maybe not everyone can afford to buy a pair of pearl earrings, si  I was looking for something cheaper, but very elegant and classic at the same time.  Is a beautiful pair of Japanese Akoya cultured pearl earrings whose price is only $299.

Wearing a pair of  pearl earrings gives you brilliance, class and refinement; will delight you and you can wear them anytime you want.