tacori engagement rings

Hot This Wedding Season: Tacori Engagement Rings

tacori engagement rings

Tacori Engagement Rings

Bridal jewelry is big business. And it is only logical as to why this is the case. Marriage is something that almost every girl dreams of from a very young age – yet another differentiating factor between the sexes. The aura and illusion surrounding the institution of marriage in general and the marriage ceremony in particular is something that builds for a number of years in the minds of young women. Consequently, when the time comes for a woman to have her time in the sun and get married, it is only natural that she will want to do it “her way;” and her way usually involves as much extravagance as possible. And what can be more extravagant than jewelry?

The only external feature of being engaged is an engagement ring. It is a display to the world that your status has changed from single and available to reserved and soon to be off the market. An engagement ring as a rule is more flamboyant than a wedding ring. Whereas the wedding may be the main event in the engagement/wedding process, the engagement ring will always steal the show in the jewelry games.

Given that the engagement ring is almost always a ring encrusted with precious stones, it is a way to really stand out from the crowd. Of course, you may not be the first person to get married, but that doesn’t mean that your engagement ring shouldn’t be unique. And so it has come to pass that an industry has evolved catering to the dreams, desires, and wishes of every woman about to get married.

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Together Forever 

An engagement ring is an investment. It is often the most expensive piece of jewelry that a man will buy for the love of his life and it is also the piece of jewelry most worn by a woman. In fact, most women only remove their engagement ring when absolutely required. This being the case, it is worthwhile investing in something that will not only be beautiful and a reflection on you but also something that will stand the test of time. And just as you believe that your marriage will last forever, so too should your engagement ring.

Creating something that will stand the test of time for a half century or longer is not easy; especially something that will be subject to the wear and tear associated with daily use. Trends may come and go but classical quality ultimately prevails. It is for this reason that when looking for an engagement ring it is best to go for what has been proven to stand the test of time.

The One Percenters

An analogy is often used in sport to differentiate between those who almost made it and those who did make it – that of the one percenters. These are the people who give that extra little time and time again, who have an unwavering commitment and dedication that is reflected in their no-compromise attitude.

There are many talented jewelry designers coming up with new and fresh ideas, but is that enough? Those who stand the test of time in the bridal jewelry space are the ones who not only have beautiful, timeless designs but also the obsessive commitment to detail and quality and a similar commitment to customer service.

Tacori has been designing and creating engagement rings for over 40 years. It is a family run business whereby every piece of jewelry leaving the manufactory bears the family name. The second generation of the business has now joined the founders and they have been instilled with the same passion to creating the best pieces at the best prices with zero compromise on quality. You would nit want to bet against Tacori being around for the next 40 years…and then some.

No engagement ring leaves the Tacori premises without having been checked and re-checked to ensure that it will not be returned to the Tacori premises.

So what does that mean for the lady looking for her one and only engagement ring? You want something that will always be in vogue and always be on your finger. It must age gracefully and never lose its character. After all, it is a once in a lifetime choice – a decision that will require you to discard 99% of the contenders.

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