It Pays to Know These 5 Engagement Ring Cuts

Choosing the perfect diamond ring can be a totally overwhelming experience, especially when we know nothing about jewelry. The 4Cs guideline alone, which stands for carat weight, clarity, color, and cut, seems like a lot of homework to do before finally shopping for that ring. For instance, the cut is one important factor in determining an impressive diamond ring. It shouldn’t be confused with shape, which refers only to the appearance of the stone on the surface instead of its ability to reflect light.

Before picking the first thing you see in the jewelry shop, know your cuts first. You might be missing out on a lot of awesome diamond possibilities!

Round brilliant cut

The round cut diamond is the most popular choice among engaged couples, covering about 75% of diamond purchases. And it’s no wonder why! Round cut diamonds are known for their incredible brilliance and reflection performance with light with its standard 58 facets. This iconic style is perfect for those who value tradition and highlight elegance. Although a classic cut, you can always incorporate modern accents to your ring to keep it in style.

Oval diamond

Similar to the brilliant-cut of round diamonds, the oval cut boasts the same fire and brilliance. However, it’s perfectly symmetrical elongated shape can give the illusion of length and can easily flatter any hand. The oval diamond is perfect for brides-to-be who feel a bit edgy, sticking to the conventional yet never afraid to go the extra mile. There are discount engagement rings that can give you similar styles online.

Cushion cut

This pillow-shaped cut is a square-shaped diamond with rounded corners. Such cuts are known for their large facets to release that extra sparkle, which is no wonder why they suit bigger stones so much. Being the most popular cut about a century ago, the cushion cut adds a vintage feel to a diamond ring—perfect for old souls out there. Cushion cut diamonds can always be paired in a sleek setting for a genius modern twist. While opting for a large stone costs more, considering wholesale diamond rings may save your budget.

Marquise diamond

If you need any proof that a diamond can be inspired by a smile, it’s the Marquise cut diamond. Its elongated shape with pointed ends is inspired by Marquise de Pompadour’s smile, and rightfully so. This is a great engagement ring to give a partner with a smile that can launch a thousand ships. Because of its exaggerated shape, it can also give the illusion of a larger stone—perfect for those who have a limited budget for the carat.

Heart cut

Nothing can blatantly reveal your love for your partner than a heart-shaped brilliant-cut diamond. While it is the hardest cut to wear, the trick is to ensure perfect symmetry in the stone cut—and to know if it fits the bride’s personality accurately. This goes out to the romantic ones who are not afraid of being a little ballsy in their jewelry. It’s indeed a glam choice without lacking in the theatrics.

Now that you already know some of the most popular diamond cuts, you may be inclined to go ahead and make the purchase yourself. However, it still pays to consider your partner’s preference and personality. After all, your partner will be the one to wear that engagement ring forever.

**Photo credit: Prime Style, LLC