Nice and cheap earrings

When it comes to accessorizing themselves women think at jewelry! These things are necessary in order to reveal a woman`s beauty and physique! Most of the time, women like precious jewelry pieces, from precious or semiprecious stones to precious metals and special carvings! We will leave these things behind for the further articles and let`s speak about earrings that are in trend these days!

A nice model of earrings is that represented by different sizes of marbles that imitate perfectly pearls, but are made from plastic, wood, different stones or even glass that aren`t that precious! These types of earrings can be made by only one such marble, two, three or an entire thread filled with marbles! This thread of marbles or pearls how you may want to call them, can unite in a circular form and here`s another model for you! These are nice earrings and they suit any moment of the day! The marbles can be in any colors you like, from white to blue and red and the list can continue….

You can also have models made out of plastic with a shimmery paint on the outside that have a square form and a round shape in the middle, this empty space in the middle can also be “filled” with what any other thing than a marble?

The chandelier model is extravagant and not women can dare to wear it! Its models are suitable for a party, a reunion, a flashy event, and these earrings can`t be worn in any moment of the day as you can see! These types of accessories can be found in colors such as: ivory, black, gold, or silvery.

The disc shape earrings, can be really flat or thick, these can be made out of plastic, shells, wood or glass and have different models on it and can be found in many shapes! The models you can found on them are various, they also can be found empty in a matte nuance or empty in a glossy form! The disc earrings can also have a round space in the interior part, which can be left in that way or filled with any other motif!

Earrings with different figurines are also very fashionable, from cartoons characters, from animals and butterflies to hearts and palm of the hands! These models can be found in any colors you like and can be matte or glossy!

Really long earrings are also in trend! Wearing such earrings needs a long neck and if you don`t “poses” such a neck it`s better for you to give up! Not all the women are advantaged by these types of earrings and let`s be sincere, not all love such long accessories!

The retro models of earrings are also in trend, big flowers on the ears are worn again and as mentioned above, those stylish earrings type chandelier are also in trend! Not all have the courage to wear such earrings, because they`re really heavy and uncomfortable some times!

The pieces of jewelry mentioned here isn`t expensive at all, many of us can afford buying at least 3 pairs of such earrings, because they`re not made of precious material! These models can be worn at parties, home, at work and so on….